Apex Legends Update 1.57 Patch Notes: Release Date, New Legend, Buffs, Nerfs, Map Changes And Everything We Know

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February will see the start of a brand new season in Apex Legends.

We can't wait to see what changes will be made.

So far through leaks and rumours, we have an idea of what might be coming.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the Season 8 patch notes.

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Release Date

The new patch will arrive with Season 8 - which is scheduled to arrive on February 2.

Apex Legends Season 8 Patch Notes

We're super excited to see the arrival of Season 8.

At the moment there isn't much in terms of solid information.

Though we can make an assumption as what's to come in terms of patch notes.

New Legend

Many believe the new legend to be Fuse.

Biast12 on Twitter highlighted some files added to the game related to Fuse.

Impact files:

  • bounce_mortar_rin_missle.txt
  • exp_mortar_ring_missle.txt

Special Effects for his Abilities/Ult:

  • SFX_Ability_Fuse_Ult_FlameStart
  • SFX_Ability_Fuse_Ult_FlameBurn
  • SFX_Ability_Fuse_Ult_SmallMissile_Incoming
  • SFX_Ability_Fuse_Ult_SmallMissile_Expolo

Tactical grenade and spray:

  • mdl/weapons_r5/misc_fuse_tactical_grenade/ptpov_fuse_tactical_grenade_held.rmdl
  • spray_lgnd_v20_fuse_01

Expected abilities:

  • Explosions
  • Firebomb
  • Metal Bomb

Legend Buffs/Nerfs

With a new season usually comes plenty of buffs and nerfs for the legends.

Here's a few examples of what might make its way to Season 6.

Bear in mind these are not confirmed.

Wraith Nerf

Wraith is a strong choice when playing Apex Legends.

Originally she was top spot for being chosen but Horizon has now taken that position.

It looks like the devs still believe Wraith to be too strong.

In November Respawn said they aim to get her “under control” in the next season.

“With Wraith, our approach is going to be very similar to Pathfinder. We’re going to take a look at her hitboxes and see how much wiggle room we have there."

With Pathfinder, it turned out that we had so much… that was a 20% increase in hitbox size.”

Horizon Nerf

Not long ago Horizon received a nerf for her Gravity Lift

It seems that may not be enough.

“Our theory internally right now is that she’s too safe with the tactical"

"She can use it in so many situations to get out of trouble, and most frustratingly, she can sit atop the tactical and use a battery while A/D strafing faster than she could on the ground.”

“We’re looking at [her] move speed while on her tactical and acceleration while on her tactical, to see if we can at least turn her into a bit more of a sitting duck if she chooses to sit on top of it.”

Revenant Buff

Previously the team said that Revenant wouldn't receive a buff in Season 8 although this might change.

When asked about reversing hitbox changes they said it would definitely be discussed.

“We’ve been struggling to find a good buff for Revenant,”

“I don’t think we’ve properly discussed just shrinking his hitboxes to give him power without making him more frustrating. I’ll bring it up in our balance round table.”

Map Changes

Last season we crash-landed in Olympus for Season 7.

With a new map just being released, it's unlikely another one will be added again.

Map changes are almost always a feature in a new season.

@Shrugtal has informed us after the Fight Night update that Season 8 assets were added to the game files, including suggestions that another map update is coming to King's Canyon in the next season.

The Strings for this are: Canyonlands_Mu3_Zone12_DamArea_AMB_EXT MATCHMAKING_LOADING_mp_rr_canyonlands_mu3

Take a look at some of the zone updates for King's Canyon (highlighted in green).

expand image
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Photos via @Shrugtal

@Shrugtal has said that a ton of sound triggers have been added to King's Canyon in the latest patch that match the ones used for the Mirage Voyage. It looks like it's making a return on KC next season; the phone will also be there.

"Very similar to the "UFO" that I rendered out in Season 5 that became Elysium, Mirage Voyage is currently situated (AND HIDDEN) on the current map file version of King's Canyon, over the remnants of Skull Town."

expand image
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Photos via @Shrugtal

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