Top 10 Apex Legends Season 9 Drop Locations: World's Edge

World's Edge was put back into rotation in Apex Legend Season 9: Legacy, a fan-favorite map with so many great places to drop in

A map that feels most suited for Ranked Play, World's Edge is the first map for the Ranked split of Season 9.

With several areas that are hot drops, a handful of more conservative spots, and a bunch of cold drops, World's Edge has something for every style of Apex Legends player.

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Top 10 World's Edge Landing Spots in Apex Legends Season 9

10 - Launch

Apex Legends Launch POI
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Launch has great look and is pretty quiet these days.

It is a solid place to land, gear up, and head out to third-party Dome, Sorting Factory, or Tree.

Just do not rush out too fast or the heat may still be on in those locations.

9 - Thermal Station

Apex Legends Thermal Station POI
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Thermal Station is nice and quiet, and fairly isolated from the rest of World's Edge.

There is a fair amount of loot here, and its distance from other major POIs on the map means that it is fairly safe for players to take their time snagging what they need without worrying about other squads rotating in.

8 - Skyhook

Apex Legends Skyhook POI
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So. Much. Loot.

A popular drop due to its proximity to other great POIs, it is important that players watch where they land here.

A smart strategy is to land in the quietest place you can find in Skyhook, grab a bunch of loot before things get too hot, and rotate out to Countdown, Fragment, Train, or even Trials if the circle allows.

7 - Sorting Factory

Apex Legends Sorting Factory POI
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A hot place to drop with not enough loot to support more than one of two squads, Sorting Factory provides a high-risk high-reward strategy for Apex Legends players.

There are ways to cut off other squads from the loot here, but it can often lead to players getting stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Staying up high is the key to surviving here, as well as knowing when to duck out.

If a squad survives Sorting Factory, they can rotate out to Launch, Tree, or Harvester.

6 - Lava Fissure

Apex Legends Lava Fissure POI
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A safe drop spot for players who like to take their time and gather what they need for the coming match.

With a ton of loot, a replicator, and multiple levels available if a firefight breaks out, Lava Fissure has just about everything.

There is even a Jump Tower to make rotating out easier, as well as racing toward the ring if need be.

5 - Harvester

Apex Legends Harvester POI
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The iconic Harvester is a staple of World's Edge with its deadly laser shooting up into the sky.

There are a ton of Supply Bins here, and plenty of corridors to shake other squads if players need to make a hasty escape.

Of course, those corridors are also an excellent place to ambush prey.

Rotating out the third party Sorting Factory or Fragment is a good choice from here, as both of those locations are generally highly trafficked at the start of a match.

4 - Fragment

Apex Legends Fragment POI
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Fragment is an extremely hot-drop, with a majority of squads heading straight for it as soon as they can.

With multiple-level buildings and lots of narrow spaces, high ground, and plenty of high-tier loot, Fragment is a place where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

One of the best places to head if players survive a drop here is straight to The Epicenter, though other rotation options exist.

3 - Trials

Apex Legends Trials POI
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Trials is a great spot to snag some great loot if players are looking to put in a little effort fighting off some NPC beasts.

They are not too hard to take out, and the loot gained is certainly worth the time it takes to run through the challenges offered here.

At times it can be congested, so it is wise to have a backup plan, like shifting to Skyhook or Countdown, if it looks like too many squads are headed here.

2 - Geyser

Apex Legends Geyser POI
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A medium-trafficked site in Season 9, Geyser offers a small compound with tight corridors set in an open space with a geyser that acts as a jump tower in the center.

There are not too many rotation exits here, but there is plenty of high-tier loot and ways to avoid other squads if necessary.

1 - Countdown

Apex Legends Countdown POI
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One of the best places to drop in World's Edge, Countdown is a fairly quiet spot with great loot.

Not only that but there are multiple exit strategies here, opening up players to different rotations depending on how their land goes.

A great strategy is to rotation out to Skyhook or The Train Yard and wipe up whatever squads are leftover from the beginning of the match.

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