Apex Legends Season 8 LEAK: Is An Arena Team Death Match Game Mode Coming?

A new Arena game mode could be coming to the Apex games.

We could see this change as soon as Season 8!

Recently data miners uncovered code which came with the new Aftermarket update.

Here's what we know so far.

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Latest News

3V3 Team Death Match Arena Mode Update - 12th January

It looks like there's more weight to the rumours of an arena mode coming to Apex Legends after all.

Shrugtal took to Twitter today with a diagram he made to suggest what might be to come for this TDM mode.

Check out the tweet below!

Arena triggers found in latest King's Canyon map file. 3v3 TDM-style mode, teams spawn on A and B in gibby bubble. 4 diff loadouts.One airdrop in center, one medical supply bin spawn at the side. 3 Ring stages.Many different "arenas" in different King's Canyon areas. pic.twitter.com/kbjBoHwUKQ
— Shrugtal (@shrugtal)
January 12, 2021

Arena Game Mode

Shrugtal took to Twitter October 13th with an image of the code relating to Arena mode.

The code seems to be connected to the playlist user interface, in other words, the lobby for matchmaking.

“Code was added with the 6.1 patch to support UI slots on the “Play” Menu for a new “Arena” mode,” Shrugtal states in his tweet.

Code was added with the 6.1 patch to support UI slots on the "Play" menu for a new "Arena" mode. Wondering if they're planning to transfer the Flashpoint-style healing into a smaller arena-sized squads mode. Would greatly help warming up and training for Apex. pic.twitter.com/K02xMcdKSu
— Shrugtal (@shrugtal)
October 12, 2020

At the moment the string for Arena mode is set to "false", meaning it will likely be set to true in the future to make it playable.

As well as that, "if(DEV)" is in the code too, suggesting that the new mode might already be being playtested.

What Is Arena Mode?

Shrugtal has put forward some speculations as to what this mode could actually be.

He believes it could be a form of a smaller squads mode, bear in mind this is his suggestion and not a leak.

Some theorize that it could be similar to the new Flashpoint limited-time mode which first came to the game in the Aftermarket event.

The Flashpoint healing system would create a more fast-paced game than using respawn beacons.

Where Will It Take Place?

If this mode is actually coming to the game, where will it take place?

It would have to be on a smaller map of course.

Well, the most viable option seems to be Skulltown.

The devs have said previously that they want to bring it back in some way, this seems to be the perfect fit.

The cramped and compact area would be a great setting for a faster and more close-quarters game mode.

Right now we cant be 100% sure what's to come for the Arena game mode, we'll have to be patient.

Currently, there are no pointers in terms of a release date either.

It's being tested so there's a possibility it could be coming in Season 7 or possibly Season 8.

We'll keep you update if we hear anything more!

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