Apex Legends Season 6: Rampart Exploit Vault Glitch

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Season 6 has its fair share of bugs, a few including Rampart.

Well, she's back at it again with a pretty over-powered glitch.


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Rampart Vault Glitch

Rampart's Amped Cover ability has run into a few bugs already.

Now, Reddit user Meanmanjr discovered you can use her abilities to hack into the vault without a key.

An exploit with Rampart in #ApexLegends lets her bug into Vaults, bypassing the need for keys 🤔Details: https://t.co/1D95VFCMr9(via u/Meanmanjr) pic.twitter.com/g7IYCKkD1E
— Apex Legends News (@TitanfallBlog)
August 27, 2020

This glitch is possible with the help of the simulacrum Revenant.


Before attempting the glitch Rev has to place his Death Totem, Ramp has to activate it.

Rampart then uses Shiela and Amped Cover to wedge herself into the vault.

Once inside having collected everything, she uses a grenade to kill herself, returning to the totem outside of the vault.

Youtuber Full Boar Chub has made a video showing how they looted every vault in World's Edge and you can do it without Revenant!


This shows just how game-breaking this glitch can be!

Fingers crossed Respawn catches the bug early on and resolves it.