Apex Legends Season 6: Rampart Crashing And Crypto Drone Detection Bug

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We're finally in Season 6 of Apex Legends.

The waiting is over but the start has been soured for Crypto and new Rampart mains.


There are a few bugs which need addressing.

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Rampart And Crypto Bugs

Fans have been waiting what feels like too long for the newest season of the Apex games.


There's been loads of updates and new additions like the armour meta, gun updates, legends buffs and nerfs, crafting and more.

With the word new, comes the word bug.

Luckily Respawn are wasting no times fixing them, they took to Twitter to announce they are aware of the bugs and are working on it.

"Heads up Legends! We're currently looking into Crypto's drone not properly detecting players when on Rampart's minigun. Additionally, we are also aware that in some regions, when you shoot the top part of Rampart's wall, it causes an error. More updates to come as we have them!"


BUGS BE GONE: Respawn is looking into the current issues involving Crypto and Rampart

Crypto Bug

The bug that players playing Crypto are encountering means that his drone is able to detect Rampart's Amped Cover but won't acknowledge the player using it.

This could be a big issue due to not being able to make teammates aware a turret is hunting them down.


Rampart Bug

The Rampart bug is a game-breaking one.

When two of her Ampted Cover walls are placed and shot through, players are completely disconnected.

These bugs are definitely annoying but at least Respawn care enough to acknowledge the issue and are doing their best to fix it as soon as possible.