Apex Legends: How To Show FPS Count on PC

If you're looking to become a Champion in Apex Legend, you'll want to be able to check your frames-per-second (otherwise known as FPS) when playing on PC. They can greatly impact your ability to compete smoothly against other squads. We're here to tell you how to show FPS count on PC.

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Apex Legends: How To Show FPS Count on PC


Head to the "Settings" tab within Apex Legends. Find the "Gameplay" tab and search for "Performance Display", now toggle it on!

The Performance Display will show you your FPS count, as well as any input lag or packet loss you're experiencing, so it's incredibly handy if you're lagging or your game isn't quite working as intended.


When you open Origin, head into the "Application Settings". Choose the "In-Game" tab, under the FPS counter option, you can opt to set the counter in any corner of the screen.

Now you'll be able to keep an eye on your FPS counter in a match – just don't let it distract you in the middle of a firefight!

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Steam is fairly similar to Origin. Click "Steam" in the top left then "Settings". Select the "In-Game" tan and then select which corner to put your In-game FPS counter!

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Aside from the above methods, there is plenty of software such as MSI Afterburner which allows you to place an overlay on your screen which monitors your FPS in multiple games, including Apex Legends.

Once you have sorted out your FPS on your PC, you can get back to battling enemy squads in Apex Legends. There are many things to get used to for you to make the most out of the game. We have a guide that shows you how to level up the battle pass quickly, which can grant you good rewards. Also, we have a guide on how to get skins for you to be able to customise your favourite Legend.

Updated January 4th, 2022 by Marie Pritchard.

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