Apex Legends Season 5: New Launch Trailer Breakdown, Loba Abilities, What Does It Mean?

Respawn Entertainment finally released the trailer for Apex Legends Season 5, which we now understand is called Fortune's Favor, and boy was it exciting.

We joined Loba on her quest for revenge, but things didn't go entirely to plan. We'll properly break down the trailer below, but it's safe to say we're unbelievably excited for Season 5.

We think you should watch it first, but then come back for the finest Easter Eggs and our analysis of every smidgen of text to see what the trailer means for the Apex Legends lore - and the gameplay in Season 5.

The Trailer: Fortune's Favor

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor trailer unpacked.
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The trailer sees Loba infiltrate an underground facility lined with robots - the one we got a sneak peek of in the Vault near Train Yard last week.

She's looking to destroy the facility by inputting the access codes she found in another teaser. We assume there's a self-destruct protocol in place like all good evil lairs have.

As you can see in data miner Shrugtal's screenshot below, Loba activated this protocol using the access key gathered in previous teasers, before Revenant's head appeared over the console:

Loba started the Destruction Sequence for Revenant with the access codes, but let her emotions get the better of her when the head container opened. Triggering the security system instead of letting the facility (and head) destroy itself. pic.twitter.com/dFSpi0oSzt
— Shrugtal (@shrugtal)
May 6, 2020

However, Loba's emotions take over and she pulls out her pistol and shoots the head - which likely contains Revenant's actual brain, without which his consciousness cannot be transferred via neuro link to a new robotic body.

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What Does This Mean For Revenant?

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor trailer unpacked.
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Forgive us as we delve deeper into what Revenant's actual brain means here, we'll continue with the trailer once we're done. You see, Loba's plan is foiled as we realise the head is protected by some kind of bulletproof glass, and it is suddenly whisked away and saved from the destruction Loba has caused.

As you can see if you pause the trailer, Revenant's head is teleported to a plant on Psamathe for security reasons. This is important for a number of reasons.

First of all, Psamathe is where both Lifeline and Octane are from, and in Titanfall lore, is where Revenant killed Loba's parents. However, there have also been rumours for a while that Psamathe could be the new map, so maybe the wolf will stalk her prey and Season 6 will take us to a new map on another planet?

But there's more, as rumours are pointing towards an old Reddit post which could help see where Apex Legends is headed by analysing the Greek Gods who lend their names to these planets. No spoilers, but it involves Gods of sea and sand, and potentially Titans...

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Loba's Abilities

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor trailer unpacked.
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As Revenant's head is teleported, hundreds of robot guard awake to try to apprehend the intruder, but Loba is having none of it. Longtime Respawn fans will remember these guards from the Titanfall games - they certainly look like Stalkers.

Could this signify the start of NPCs, or a PVE mode coming to Apex Legends? It seems unlikely, but knowing Respawn, their involvement will be important further down the line.

However, the Stalkers are(amazingly) not the most exciting thing about this intense action sequence. We also get our first glimpse of Loba's abilities. We saw her use the bracelet (yes - the one from the Vault teaser) to teleport in, but now she uses it more often to try to escape.

What's more, she uses her staff to teleport a rifle into her hands from across the room. We reckon these could be her two abilities - Tactical and Ultimate. Teleporting herself seems more impressive, so we'd guess that would be her Ultimate.

This could make Loba a really useful character in Apex Legends matches, whether you're escaping the circle, surprising an enemy team, or snatching loot from under your teammates' noses. Although, we don't advise that last one if you want a nice match.

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The Aftermath

Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor trailer unpacked.
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We doubt you've read this far if you don't want to be spoiled and/or haven't seen the trailer, but major spoiler warning at this point.

Loba's self-destruction sequence activates in a series of dramatic explosions. She manages to teleport to safety, but not before we realise where the facility was located-underneath Skull Town.

You read that correctly - Skull Town is no more, the sand has met the sea and Loba is responsible for a gaping hole in the landscape of World's Edge. This drastic map change means Season 5: Fortune's Favor will be set in King's Canyon, but don't be surprised if we see the same rotation with World's Edge continue.

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What This Means For Gameplay In Apex Legends Season 5

Loba is definitely here for Season 5. The last shot of the trailer sees her emerge from the dust with our current Legends staring down at her, and there's no teleportation that will get her out of this one.

Rumours of a new map will continue until Season 6, but we'll have to wait for a gameplay trailer to see if the rumours of a new weapon are true.

Did we miss anything in the trailer? Other than Nessie, that is, but we'll leave her for you to spot.

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