Apex Legends Season 5: New King's Canyon Location Unveiled Based On Teasers

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Apex Legends has been leaving little data slates around the maps for players to find, hinting at what's coming in Season 5 (the next phase in EA and Respawn Entertainment's hit Battle Royale game).

With three Teasers found and out in the open for all to find, players are scrambling to understand the coded meaning behind the messages.


We made our teaser predictions last week, but they're already looking slightly off - and it seems one Redditor has beaten everyone to the answer.

They've mocked up some maps to show what the teaser could point towards, and it's getting us very excited for Apex Legends Season 5.


What Are The Teasers?

Apex Legends Season 5 teasers are hinting at big changes... Image courtesy of iLootGames.

Image courtesy of iLootGames

If you're a little out of the loop, don't worry! The teasers have been dropped into Apex Legends maps over the past week or two to give players (very) subtle hints at what's coming in Season 5.


While everyone is trying to crack the code, Respawn announced that they're delaying Season 5 by a week, so it will now launch on May 12.

This gives you an extra seven days to complete all those Season 4 challenges and earn the Battle Pass Rewards!

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What Do The Teasers Mean?

Here's where the teasers suggest Capacitor will be built in Apex Legends Season 5. Mockup and image courtesy of u/OrcusDei.

Mockup and image courtesy of u/OrcusDei


In short, the teasers mean we've got something very exciting in store for Season 5. In long, Redditor u/OrcusDei cracked the code to find a new location coming to King's Canyon!

As many players predicted, he's put the map snippets from the teasers together and found that they perfectly align over Wetlands and connect to Singh Labs. They even mocked up some images so we can see for ourselves!

The new location, Capacitor, takes the form of a huge dome for players to fight it out in, and definitely includes tunnels connecting it to the rest of the map. However, we still don't know what the "West" hint means, or who exactly "Jaime" is...

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How Will This Affect My Matches In Apex Legends Season 5?

Here's what shape the dome could take - hitting King's Canyon in Apex Legends Season 5. Mockup and image courtesy of u/OrcusDei.

Mockup and image courtesy of u/OrcusDei

It is currently hard to tell exactly what form this dome will take. It may be a huge, enclosed, above-ground structure only accessible from tunnels. However, u/OrcusDei thinks there are multiple possibilities.

"At first I thought it WILL be underground but now I think it will be opened," they explain in the Reddit thread.

"My impression is this is gonna be like an arena, set below the ground level but with [an] opened ceiling and you will be able to get in there through the tunnels or through the drop."

An open ceiling would allow for major fights right from the drop, which will be exciting - but we'll just have to wait and see what's in store!