Apex Legends Season 5 COUNTDOWN LIVE: Latest News, Updates, Leaks And Rumours

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Apex Legends Season 5 is now live!

As we countdown the days towards launch, we'll be covering the latest news, updates, leaks and rumours right here.

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Battle Pass Overview 12th May


Loba Abilities - 12th May

Broken Ghost Season Quest And How To Unlock The Hunts - 11th May

EA and Respawn Entertainment are bringing something entirely new to the Battle Royale genre with Apex Legends Season 5. Here's all the latest info on the Season Quest and ongoing story.

Click here for all of the latest information!


Season 5 will add new way to instantly charge your Ultimate - 10th May

Season 5: Fortune's Favor will introduce a new device on the map that players will be able to use to instantly recharge their Ultimate ability.


Fortune's Favour Launch Trailer - 8th May 

Devs React - 7th May

The developers of Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor have reacted to the latest trailer, and let slip some secrets while they were at it.

You can check it out here!


New Launch Trailer Breakdown - 6th May

We're breaking down every element of the brand new trailer for Apex Legends Season 5 - make sure you didn't miss a thing!


The Teasers So Far - 5th May

Want a catch-up with everything that's happened so far on the lead up to Season 5? Look no further! We've gotcha covered right here.


Old Character Dialogue Being Introduced into Season 5? - 4th May

A data miner shared some inter-character dialogue that was data-mind three months ago.

In a tweet, @shrugtal said "These are voicelines that trigger only when another legend is on the same squad. Like Revenant being revived by Loba, or Mirage shooting down a cargo bot and teasing Pathfinder about it."

Considering the incredible escalation in the story and lore in the past season (and how it will continue with the introduction of Loba) is this the time it is introduced?


Apex Legends Next-Gen Port Could Be Confirmed By New Job Listing - 2nd May

Respawn Entertainment is hiring ready to "push next-gen platforms to their limits on Apex Legends".


Leaks Hint At HUGE Mirage Rework - 1st May

Mirage has been a bottom-tier Legend for a while, but leakers have found evidence to suggest EA and Respawn Entertainment are planning on changing that in Apex Legends Season 5.

Here's everything we know! 


Season 5 Delayed! - 30th April 


Due to the upcoming Battle Armour Event, starting on the 24th April and running until the 12th May, Respawn has announced a delay to Season 5. 

This will accommodate the upcoming event as well as give players time to wrap up any Season 4 business.

Originally set to start on May 5th, Season 5 will now start on May 12th.

"We’re also extending Season 4 by one week, giving those who want to grind out their Battle Pass or try and hit that next level of Ranked a little more time to do so before Season 5 kicks off on May 12".

Leaked LTM Hints At Warzone-Inspired Armour Changes - 29th April 18:00 BST


Renowned Apex Legends dataminer, iLootGames, has leaked details of a Limited Time Mode arriving on Friday, April 24, on World’s Edge, and could hint at huge armour changes coming to the game in the future.

The first part of the event launches on April 24, and players will spawn with basic level 1 armour, unable to collect any armour at all while actually in-game.

The second phase starts on April 27, with players spawning with level 2 armour, the third on April 29 with level 3 armour, and, finally, between May 1 and May 5, players will spawn with their pistol and Evo shields.

New Patch Notes - 28th April 18:00 BST

The new patch notes from Respawn claim that the update was only for PS4 and no other devices. 

Good news for fans on other devices, the updated didn't include any additional content what so ever, it was a minor update to fix bugs for PS4 players.

Respawn dev reveals Apex Legends reconnect feature finally on the way - 25th April 20:00 BST

Apex Legends may finally be set to get one of the battle royale’s most-requested quality of life changes — the ability to reconnect to casual and ranked matches after receiving a 'disconnected' error message— according to Respawn developer Josh Medina.


Strange bug is trapping players inside an invisible Gibraltar dome - 24th April 19:00 BST

A pretty unusual Apex Legends bug is turning Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection invisible and trapping players inside of it until the ring swallows them whole.


Leak reveals new PS Plus skins for PS4 players - 23rd April 19:00 BST

A fresh Apex Legends leak has revealed that there are two new PlayStation exclusive skins in the works – with Crypto and Gibraltar being the characters chosen to don the new looks. 


A New Titanfall Easter Egg Could Hint At Apex Legends Season 5 Content - 22nd April 18:00 BST

It looks like we might have got our first peek into season 5 of Apex Legends. According to Reddit user HIRUZENandENMA, the clue to season 5 is simply lying on a table in the Dome area on World's Edge.

You can check it out here.


New Apex Legends easter egg teases major Season 5 map changes - 16th April 22:00 BST

A newly discovered Apex Legends easter egg added more information to the battle royale’s deep lore, while also teasing possible changes to Kings Canyon in Season 5.


EA Servers Go Down - 14th April 20:00 BST

EAs servers went down causing popular games FIFA 20, Battlefront and Apex Legends, and even the Origin PC store to suffer severe downtime.

Unlike most publishers, EA runs its own servers for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so if something goes wrong with them then all their games are affected on every console. Players are reporting problems being able to sign in to games or getting thrown out unexpectedly if they do manage to start a match.

FIFA and Apex are receiving preferential treatment as they're the most popular, so hopefully, we'll stop seeing this sporadic downtime soon.


New Caustic Glitch Lets Gas Traps Move Through Walls - 13th April 22:00 BST

Apex Legends data miner ‘iLootGames’ showed how precise placement of the Nox Gas Traps and a bit of patience can actually let players make use of the glitch. In his example, he demonstrated how the bug can let Caustic players litter an unopened Vault with gas traps.


New Apex Legends Patch Includes Huge Revenant Buffs - 12th April 16:00 BST

Revenant has been improved in practically every way. His ability-canceling tactical, Silence, now has two charges instead of just one. The orb it fires also lasts twice as long (a whole 10 seconds) and its ability-canceling effect has also been doubled (now going on for 20 seconds).


Devs Have Finally Responded To Players About Frustrating Bug - 11th April 15:00 BST

Respawn developers have responded after players flooded social media about the bizarre glitch, which allows players to shoot opponents while they are downed.


Dataminer Leaks For Loba, The Rumored Season 5 Character - 10th April 21:00 BST

An Apex Legends dataminer has released what look to be in-game animations for Loba, the rumored next character. 

Revenant had better start sleeping with one eye open. 


Old Ways Event Patch Notes - 9th April 23:00 BST

The highly anticipated Old Ways has landed in Apex Legends, bringing with it, Kings Canyon, permanent duos, a slew of new cosmetics, and some interesting, new creatures to the World's Edge map. These are the official patch notes.


Strange Bug Is Catapulting Players Into The Sky - 8th April 23:15 BST

Player Sturmie, using a survey beacon to scan the map for the next safe zone, as Pathfinder – was blasted into the air, above the map and his teammates, before dropping back down and everything seeming as normal once again.


Leak Reveals New Bloodhound Event Skins - 7th April 11:45 BST

Although some of the upcoming skins have previously been announced, YouTuber iLootGames has revealed how some of the new items will look in-game during his April 4th upload.


Finals for Online Tournament #3 - 6th April 20:00 BST

"Mark your calendars, Legends, and be sure to tune in Monday, April 6, to catch the thrilling Finals for Online Tournament #3. The action kicks off at 9:45am PT with the EU Finals followed by the NA Finals at 5:45pm PT. See you there."


Apex Legends Wins 'Best Multiplayer Game' Bafta Award - 5th April 19:00 BST


As always, the Multiplayer category was an incredibly tight one.

Multiplayer games are extremely popular all over the world, which has led to countless game titles in the genre.

Last year, it was Hazelight Studios’ A Way Out that took home the Multiplayer game of the year award.

This time around, Apex Legends beat out its competitors like  Borderlands 3, Luigi’s Mansion, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, Tick Tock: A Tale for Two, and the record-breaking, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Permanent Duos And Bloodhound Event - 3rd April 18:00 BST

Apex Legends is getting a permanent duos mode. Along with permanent rotation between maps and a new Bloodhound-themed town takeover.

From 7th to 21st April, players will be able to take part in an event called The Old Ways, focused on hunter legend Bloodhound.


Crossplay - 2nd April 18:00 BST


In an interview in a Game Informer magazine, the idea of cross-platform play was mentioned to Respawn, and the devs gave an interesting response.

"I think on crossplay we see it's something that is kind of expected in the industry, and is important to a game like ours," Respawn told Game Informer's magazine. "[We] are obviously big fans of playing our game — at work and in our free time — and we go home on a Friday or weekend and want to play with each other and we're on different systems."

"On a personal level, yes, we'd love to do that and party up on the weekends. I think it's an important thing to get to."

Could this mean we'll be getting crossplay soon? Unfortunately, Respawn refrained from providing any sort of timeline to when we can expect to see crossplay introduced to the game, or whether we will ever see it at all.

New Apex Legends teasers found for Bloodhound Town Takeover - 31st March 23:00 BST

easers have been added to the World's Edge map in Apex Legends revealing new details about the upcoming Bloodhound Town Takeover event, as well as the mysterious creatures called Prowlers that could be added soon.


Havoc Rifle Making A Comeback - 30th March 23:00 GMT

Apex Legends players are starting to realise the power of the HAVOC Rifle again, after key Season 4 changes have made it a force to be reckoned with. 

From mid-to-long range, players can slay enemies with the buffed rifle, using it to bring someone down from 200-0 in an instant.

Shroud explains why Apex Legends takes more skill than Warzone - 29th March 23:00 GMT

 The YouTuber made his claims during a game of Apex in a recent video.

After missing his shots on an enemy, he said: "wow, I forgot this game actually takes skill, this is hard – I'm in the CoD zone!"

He then went on to say “It’s actually crazy how easy CoD is when you play a game like this, you don’t think about it because you’re having fun playing it, its there to have fun, but then you go play a game that is somewhat challenging and you’re like woah, woah woah woah. It is fun but it’s throwing me off my game.”

After racking up a few victories, he summarised by saying he was "done" with playing Warzone as much as he had been.


Prowlers - 28th March 20:00 GMT

Prolific Apex Legends leaker iLootGames has given some insight into previously leaked 'Prowlers', the beasts from the Titanfall universe, that have appeared in the files for the battle royale.

Mentioning that there are many different types.



Reddit User Posts Incredible Apex Legends Revenant Rework - 27th March 22:00 GMT

Reddit user TheRarestTiger has worked to put together a reworked concept that would finally make Revenant as good as fans want him to be, with buffed and altered abilities to “push him to the big cheese league.”

You can check out the full details here.

Kings Canyon Comes Back! - 23rd March 20:00 GMT

In a complete twist, Kings Canyon has been announced to return on March 24th, it will be a part of the ranked playlist. Whilst Worlds Edge will still be available in casual play.

Today Is Your Last Day To Play On Season 2 Kings Canyon - 22nd March 14:00 GMT

The weekend gave us some incredible content in the form of the Season 2 Kings Canyon map. Unfortunately, the map will be reverting back to Worlds Edge tomorrow 23rd March.


All Of The Potential Upcoming Legends In Season 5 - 21st March 20:00 GMT

Check out our updated list of the new legends in Season 5 of Apex Legends.

Kings Canyon is coming back this weekend - 20th March 23:00 GMT

The Season 2 version of the Kings Canyon map is coming back to Apex Legends THIS WEEKEND!

The Evo Shield - 19th March 20:00 GMT

Not everyone is happy to hear that the Evo Shield is now permanent in all Apex Legends modes, especially that it's also permanent in Ranked! 

Lucky Charmer Mirage Skin Available Now For Free - 17th March 19:00 GMT


Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, the brand new Lucky Charmer Mirage skin is available now for free to Twitch Prime users in Apex Legends, and it's looking fresh! 


New Legends and Characters Coming To Season 5 - 16th March 23:00 GMT

With Apex Legends committing to a narrative-heavy release for the new Legend in Season 4, the next season is most likely going to be no different.

Here's what we know about the new legends in Season 5 of Apex Legends. 

Last Chance To Play Deja Loot - 15th March 15:00 GMT

Deja Loot limited-time mode as the System Override Collection Event ends Tuesday, March 17.


Forge - Respawn Finally Reveal They Purposely Leaked Fake Info To Trick Data Miners - 14th March 20:00 GMT

There was a lot of hype in the weeks leading up to the launch of Apex Legends Season 4: Assimilation, Forge was locked in as the new Legend before being killed off.

This confused players, and plenty are still confused now.

A dev from Respawn revealed how it was just a clever ploy to throw data miners off the scent, and added that Forge is "super dead". 

Call Of Duty: Warzone twice as popular as Apex Legends on day one - 13th March 23:00 GMT

In 24 hours Warzone hit 6 million players, which dominates Apex's 2.5 million in comparison.

What We Want To See In Season 5 - 15:30 GMT

Season 4 has been fantastic so far and it's sure to get better, but there are some things we'd like to see changed and added!

apex legends season 5 revenant

Everything You Need To Know About Season 5 - 12th March 14:30 GMT

We may be early, but we're already looking at what Season 5 might bring for us - here's everything we know including:

  • Release Date
  • New Characters And Legends
  • New Weapons
  • Map Changes
  • New Game Modes
  • Season 4 Latest News