Apex legends Season 5: Loba Glitch Lets Her Teleport Inside Objects

Apex Legends Season 5 is off to a resounding start - their best yet, according to Respawn's data on player retention.

This is no doubt inspired by the new Season Quests, which revolve around new character Loba.

However, in the battle royale matches, Loba's abilities have been hounded by glitches and bugs - and players have found yet another game-breaking issue.

Crouching Teleporter, Hidden Loba

Apex Legends Season 5 Loba tactical ability teleport glitch and bug.
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The most recent glitch was brought to our attention by Reddit user u/Ed_da_head.

They were playing as Loba when their allies got downed by an opposing team and they needed to make a quick escape.

Luckily, Loba has the perfect tactical ability to deal with these situations in Burglar's Best Friend, which allows her to teleport using her bracelet.


However, Ed_da_head got more than they bargained for when the teleport bracelet shot them inside a crate in Sorting Factory.

No, really! Watch the whole video below.

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An Untimely Demise

Apex Legends Season 5 Loba teleport ability glitch and bug
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Luckily (or unluckily for Ed_da_head), after being trapped in the crate and enemies unable to shoot them, the conveyor belt led them to a crushing area.

Like something from Wallace and Gromit, Loba was insta-killed by the crusher.

While this is unfortunate for the Ed_da_head, it means that this isn't a spot where players can camp and be immune from damage. That would have game-breaking consequences, whereas the bug currently just gives the player in question an unfortunate ending.


Watch the video here.

Now that Loba's finished with her Solid Snake cosplay, players are wondering whether they can replicate this bug and/or exploit it for personal gain.

We hope the issue gets patched before anyone can truly break the game.

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