Apex Legends Season 5: Broken Ghost Season Quest - How To Unlock And Week 8 Hunt Tips

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Season Quests are the latest addition to Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor. The quests represent an ongoing story through the Season, with new character Loba at the core.

She's after something called the Broken Ghost, but who or what that is remains shrouded in mystery - only our Hunts into King's Canyon will reveal more.

If you're still a little confused, that's fine. There's a lot of new information to take in, and that's why we're here! Without further ado, here's everything you need to know about the Season Quest, as well as tips and tricks for Week 2's Hunt.

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How To Unlock The Broken Ghost Season Quest

Apex Legends Season 5 Broken Ghost Season Quest
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Everyone who downloads Apex Legends will be able to take part in the Broken Ghost Season Quest.

However, you'll need to find Treasure Packs in order to play the weekly Hunts, advance the story, and earn rewards. You can find one Treasure Pack per day in loot bins around King's Canyon. We assume they'll be found in World's Edge once that returns, too.

Each Treasure Pack grants you a reward, be it Crafting Materials or a Weapon Charm. Every fifth Treasure Pack allows you to play a Hunt, which will unlock each week.

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About Hunts

Apex Legends Season 5 Broken Ghost Season Quest
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Hunts take place every Tuesday if you've unlocked them. You can play if you have found enough (five) Treasure Packs in your Apex Legends matches.

You can always buy any Treasure Packs (up to yesterday's amount) that you missed for 50 Apex Coins each. You can also join a friend's Hunt if you haven't unlocked it, but you won't receive any rewards.

Hunts will involve a story mission into King's Canyon at night to collect one of nine pieces of an artifact that Loba is trying to piece together. There may also be other rewards.

Watch out for Prowlers when hunting, and undoubtedly other nasty enemies or puzzles. You can also replay the Hunts as often as you like after you've unlocked them.

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What Are The Hunt Rewards?

Apex Legends Season 5 Broken Ghost Season Quest
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Hunt Rewards will likely be weapon skins and charms, as well as the piece of Loba's coveted artifact. We'll update this as time goes on and we learn more.

From here on out: there may be minor spoilers. We're offering tips and tricks for each Hunt, but this may give away plot points. You have been warned.

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The Prologue is a cutscene available to watch immediately in Season 5. Loba is detailing her plans to all the other Legends - except Revenant that is.

We recommend you see for yourself, but her mission involves entering a parallel dimension to retrieve artifact pieces using a mini-Harvester. Wild, right?

She makes sure every Legend swears not to tell her nemesis Revenant, but the ending shows every Legend has notified the killer robot of Loba's plan. We'll see where that leads.

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Hunt One: The First Piece

Hunt One begins on Tuesday, May 19. The servers went down as it went live, which is annoying but shows how invested players are.

Without giving too much away, you can play as any character except Loba or Revenant. Head into Artillery At Night and fight off the Prowlers to grab the first piece of Loba's Artifact.

We recommend opening every supply bin you come across, as you can quickly grab the Hammerpoint Rounds which shred Prowlers. We also found a Mastiff in the first supply bin inside a hangar, which is a huge upgrade from the Mozambique.

If you're playing alone you'll get two respawns, making the challenge quite easy. However, keep an eye on the timer, as we made it back to the extraction point at - literally - the final second.

Completing the mission unlocks a Sapphire weapon charm, the first piece of the artefact, and the next meeting in Mirage's bar. This story is called The Cranky Clown, and you'll see what that means.

We won't go into details, but it's mostly about shady deals with Hammond Robotics and Octane's date night.

Hunt Two: A Legend Falls

Hunt Two begins with an incredibly ominous title. We picked Loba to do this mission, as she was available, but we're starting to get worried that whichever Legend we pick might cop it. Surely it won't be the newest one? But remember what happened to Forge... RIP.

This Hunt begins at The Cage, where you must utilise your kitted-out Triple Take to snipe some Prowlers before pushing them towards Hydro Dam.

Once inside, pick up a replacement to your P2020 - there are lots of options available, from Shotguns to Gold Assault Rifles. We recommend going for the latter.

We think Loba is actually a useful Legend for this mission, as you can see where the weapons you want are hidden. Plus, she or Wraith can get out of tricky situations when Prowlers gang up on you, so either of them would be ideal.

We're not going to give too much away, but you need to complete a few simple tasks to unlock the blast doors, where you can set down your mini-Harvester and get the next Artifact - the Occipital Hub.

Make your way through a lot of Prowlers (we recommend just legging it past/through them) to the dropship before the time runs out. Complete this and you get your hands on the Artifact, a Ruby weapon charm, and the next part of the story.

Then, you can continue the story and see how Octane's date goes...

Hunt Three: Enter The Revenants

You begin Hunt Three under Revenant's spell - you're a Shadow. Without any equipment (or the ability to pick any up) you just have to punch your way through doors and Stalkers to destroy the Totems.

However, once you've got all eight you'll be un-Shadowed, and find yourself fully equipped with a Level 3 Shield and fully kitted out Hemlok and Mastiff.

Fight your way to the mini Harvester and start the Artifact extraction process. All this is occurring in and around Water Treatment, by the way.

Fight off the endless Prowlers until the Harvester is done, and then make a run for the extraction point within the 11-minute time limit.

It doesn't really matter which Legend you pick for this Quest as it's just a big shootout as you defend your position. Just keep your eyes out for gold Legendary weapons that are dotted about the map in supply bins or above the Harvester.

For completing the Quest you'll get the Sphalerite Weapon Charm (a yellow crystal), the Gemini-CC Core, and the next story segment, which sees the Legends take sides and argue among themselves. Think The Avengers in Civil War.

Hunt Four: High Octane

Hunt Four takes us to Slum Lakes, but Octane has been here before us and left hundreds of handy jump pads to get us through.

Your first objective is to kill eight enemies - Prowlers, of course. As you start the quest equipped with Legendary body armour and backpack, but a Mozambique and P2020, we recommend yeeting yourself onto a jump pad and looting the nearest supply bin for better weapons.

We found the two bins on top of the building at the opposite end of Slum Lakes has some decent weapons, so head there.

Next, get to the nearby open space (you know, the bit with the jump tower) and rack up the kills. Plant the Harvester, collect some Legendary weapons from the supply drop (we went Prowler/R-301) and make your last stand as Prowlers and Shadow Prowlers attack from all sides.

Keep utilising those jump pads to get away from the fast enemies, and spray into them until the Artifact has been recovered.

Then, as usual, race yourself back to the extraction point using more jump pads, and ignoring enemies as they won't catch up.

Your choice of legend really doesn't matter here, thanks to Octane's kindness, but we'd recommend someone with movement abilities - Loba or Wraith are good choices.

This week, you'll get the ice-blue Howlite weapon charm, the Retinal Array Artifact, and the next story chapter, The Impromptu Kidnapper.

Hunt Five: The Gauntlet

This week's Hunt takes us to the tight confines of Bunker. Anyone who has ever landed here will tell you the bloodbaths that always ensue as everyone scrambles for loot.

As it happens, you start The Gauntlet with a Wingman and P2020 equipped, but you'll want to upgrade this as soon as possible.

We recommend picking Loba, as her passive ability letting her see loot through walls can be very handy for knowing which rooms to bust into. However, you can pick anyone except Octane and Gibraltar.

Your first mission is to activate four panels by breaching rooms filled with Prowlers. Try not to get trapped in with multiple, as they'll tear through your Level 1 Body Shield with ease.

Quickly find the Legendary Wingman and R-99 to start dealing some return damage. After leaving Bunker and planting the Harvester, use your teleport to grab Legendary Shield, Helmet, and Backpack from on top of the entranceway.

Fight through Prowlers, grab the Artifact, and head to the extraction zone. Simple.

You'll be rewarded with a Green Aventurine weapon charm, the Faraday Armature Artifact, and The Lying Liar, the next portion of story where we find out Loba's real motivations...

Hunt Six: The Pit

Unsurprisingly, this week's Quest takes place at The Pit. You drop in as any Legend except for Lifeline (she's the "guy in the chair" for this one), armed with a handy loadout of a Flatline and an Evo-8 shotgun.

Fight off the Prowlers on your way into The Pit, making sure to open any Supply Bins you come across to load up on ammo and better shields.

Then, all that is left to do is deploy the Harvester and fight off wave after wave of Prowlers. It's not the most imaginative mission, but the large open space of The Pit makes it tricky to find cover and avoid taking damage.

Collect the Artifact - the Scomp Housing - and make your way, as always, to the extraction point.

As a reward, you'll get an orange gem charm called Carnelion and the next story section, The Oblivious Mole. Things are heating up in Mirage's bar.

Hunt Seven: Return To Skull Town

If you didn't realise Wraith was taking you to a King's Canyon in a different dimension and alternate reality by now, this will do it.

Yes, we're back in Skull Town for another Artifact and Mirage is sitting this one out. We recommend picking Loba for this one, for reasons that will become clear as we explain the mission.

The second building on your right houses two Prowlers and Legendary Backpack, Helmet, and Armour. You'll be able to see through the wall if you're Loba.

Then, head to the top of the tallest, central building of Skull Town to deploy the Harvester. You drop in with a Legendary R301 and RE45, but the supply bins up here hold a Legendary Prowler, Mastiff, and L-Star, so take your pick.

Once you've fought off the Prowlers, collect the Artifact and head to the extraction point. From the top of the building, Loba's teleport can go far, so utilise this to get a headstart on the Prowlers.

For completing the mission, you'll get a Spinel weapon charm (a pink gem), the Idcoms Frame (the face of the Simulacrum), and the next stage of the story, "The Shattered Spirit".

There's accusations, betrayal, and Mirage cracking more bad jokes in this one, so don't miss out.

Hunt Eight: Air Support

Hunt eight takes place in one of the tunnels between The Cage and Market. You know the ones. You drop in on an empty supply ship and are tasked with taking out six Prowlers beneath.

You can snipe a couple with your Charge Rifle before the ring closes and you have to get up close and personal with a Legendary Spitfire.

Breach the biggest building between you and the Artifact to find a room full of Prowlers. But take them out, and a plethora of Legendary items are yours.

You enter the fray equipped with a gold shield, helmet, and backpack, but here there is a Legendary Wingman, Prowler, Mastiff, Eva-8, and more.

Dig up the Artifact, survive the waves of Prowlers, use the zipline to get back to the extraction point without much trouble.

The gear you're given means the Legend you choose doesn't matter too much, but Pathfinder's zip can be handy at the start.

For completing the quest, you'll receive a Beryl weapon charm (that's a pinkish gem, not an old lady), the Parietal Shell of the skull you're putting together, and the next stage of the story, The Unwavering Protector.

This sees the Mole uncovered and frictions rise even more between the Legends. Everything is coming to a head, that's for sure.

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