Apex Legends: A Glitch Is Making Loba’s Teleport Ability Useless

Apex Legends' fifth season is here and it came with a plethora of changes, one being the new Legend, Loba.

Players have been putting hours into the new character, but unfortunately, a glitch has been rendering Loba's teleport ability useless



The ability does what it says on the tin, players can teleport within a moderate range.

It's great to get the drop on enemies, or to get away from attackers.

One of the players to report the bug was ImKim04, who stated that the jump drive was failing to teleport Loba after the tactical had been activated.

The glitch seems to reset the cooldown of the tactical ability’s cooldown. The player couldn't even teleport a few feet as many times as they tried.

Respawn is still yet to speak out on this issue, but as more players are currently reporting the issue, it'll be likely to be fixed in one of the next patches.

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