Respawn Is Making Significant Changes to Lifeline in Apex Legends

Respawn is nerfing Apex Legends Lifeline’s abilities in future upgrades, developer John Larson said in a recent Reddit AMA.

Lifeline’s drone revive can normally revive fallen squad-mates behind an indestructible shield.

Lifeline can then move around freely and either revive other members or lend aid to the revived member once the drone finishes its work.

In future updates, Respawn will remove that shield.

The drone will still act independently of Lifeline, leaving her free to pursue other targets, but enemies will be able to target the drone and the character being revived.

It’s not all bad news for Lifeline fans, though.

Respawn is balancing the downgrades with some enhancements to her other abilities.

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Respawn Is Making Significant Changes to Lifeline in Apex Legends

Lifeline’s tactical healing is getting substantially faster with a 60% heal speed upgrade.

Lifeline currently heals 7.5 health per second.

The 60% upgrade would boost that to 12 health per second for a maximum of 240.

Speaking of upgrades, Lifeline’s Care Package is getting a buff and will provide guaranteed updates.

Larson didn’t mention when these Lifeline changes would happen.

It’s just planned for the near future, which likely means the Lifeline nerf-and-buff will happen sometime during Season 9.

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[Source: Reddit]

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