25 Jun 2021 7:07 PM +00:00 UTC

June 2021 Apex Legends Legend Pick Rates

It is always interesting to see which Legends are played the most, and the least, in Apex Legends.

Legend pick rates tend to deviate a bit from Apex Legends Tier lists, with many players finding a good groove with one or two characters over the rest.

The data in this article is taken from TRN's Apex Legends stats and is compiled from the previous seven days of gameplay of the users they track.

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It is by no means an authoritative source of information, but without fully transparent stats from Respawn Entertainment, it is a good enough gauge of Legend popularity.


The 5 Least Picked Legends

Apex Legends Rampart
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The bottom five Legends have pretty dismal pick rates, and are all fairly close in their percentages:


Caustic - 2.3%

Recent nerfs have seen a reduction in Caustic players as the once defensive powerhouse becomes more of a tiny house with gas that does not seem to terrify opponents as much as it one did.

There are buffs coming his way, but nothing affecting the damage of his attacks.

Will it be enough to bring the fear back to other players?

Crypto - 1.7%

Crypto is a very situational character, and can be extremely useful in some cases.

In many other cases, he is fairly useless.

While he certainly has his fans, it seems the overall player base of Apex Legends does not care much for the hacker.


Fuse - 1.7%

Even with recent buffs in Apex Legends Season 9, Fuse still is not a popular pick among players.

While he may be a solid character in both Battle Royale and Arenas, there is something keeping fans from choosing the "Ladies’ man, man’s man, and all-around manly man."

Wattson - 1.6%

Wattson has had a rough go of as of late, with an unintentional nerf basically rendering her fences useless.

Even with working fences, the Legend feels a bit underpowered to many.

Fans who were hoping for any sort of buff in the Apex Legend 9.1 update were sorely disappointed to see a joke update, allowing Wattson to place more Nessies during a match.

Hopefully Respawn will make up for the cruel joke in Apex Legends Season 10.


Rampart - 1.3%

Poor Rampart saw the least use towards the end of June.

The Legend routinely finds herself at the bottom of tier lists, though that may change in Season 10 with the developers hinting at "spicy" buffs coming her way.

Hopefully Sheila gets a bit more movement capability.

The 5 Most Picked Legends

Apex Legends Octane
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The pick rates for the top 5 Legends in Apex Legends are not as tight at the bottom 5.

Still, there is a fairly large gap between the top 5 and the rest of the Legends, with clear favorites that will not surprise many players.


Pathfinder - 9.1%

Pathfinder has been a solid choice since the inception of Apex Legends.

A highly mobile character that has undergone a series of excellent balance changes throughout his history, Pathfinder has hit a sweet spot with Apex Legends fans.

Lifeline - 11.4%

The only true healer in the game, Lifeline is an indispensable part of any Battle Royale of Arenas team.

The ability to heal, revive players without having to stick by them, call supply drops, and find extra goodies in supply bins make her the perfect support character.

Bloodhound 12.1%


Apex Legends is a game of inches, and knowing where other players are is critical information for a squad to have.

Bloodhound's abilities make them the perfect recon agent, following footprints and scanning for foes.

Their Beast of the Hunt ultimate takes everything that makes Bloodhound great and multiplies it by a good factor, keeping them popular with players.

Wraith 13.8%

Even with a series of nerfs, Wraith is still a popular choice among Apex Legends players.

Her abilities work well both offensively and defensively, and her Voices from the Void is one of the most valuable passives in the game.

Octane 15%


It is hard not to like Octane.

He is frantic, easily distracted, and incredibly fast.

He also heals slowly over time, meaning players can flank opponents and then hide, recharging their shields while their health slowly takes care of itself.

Add in jump pads that can give a squad a huge advantage over others and it is no wonder Octane is currently the number one picked Legend.

The Rest

Apex Legends Mirage
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The rest of the Legends fall in the middle, though the numbers have some pretty drastic changes as fans get further down the list.

Here are the rest of the pick rates for the end of June:

  • Bangalore - 7.0%
  • Valk - 5.5%
  • Gibraltar - 5.2%
  • Loba - 3.7%
  • Mirage - 3.1%
  • Horizon - 2.8%
  • Revenant - 2.7%

It is pretty plain the see the top 5 picked Legends are chosen a lot more than any other Legend in the game.

Once Apex Legends 10 arrives, it will be interesting to see how the pick rates change, if they change at all.

Kills Per Match

Another interesting piece of information Apex Tracker offers is the average Kill per Match by each Legend, which differs a bit from the list of which characters pick the most.

The top five here are:

  • Wraith - 3.5
  • Pathfinder - 3.5
  • Bangalore - 3.3
  • Horizon - 3.2
  • Mirage - 3

The bottom five are:

  • Fuse - 0
  • Rampart - 1.6
  • Crypto - 2
  • Bloodhound - 2.1
  • Caustic - 2.2

Apex Legends fans will notice that Bloodhound, being one of the most picked Legends, is a character with a lower KPM than most others.

Horizon, who tends to run toward the bottom of the pick list, is up there near the top when it comes to KPM.

It just goes to show that while certain Legends may be more popular than others, certain Legends in the right hands are a force to be reckoned with.

No matter what a tier list says, players should always choose characters that work the best for their playstyle.

Just because a Legend is considered better, or more popular, does not mean they will perform well for players that do not jive with them.