Apex Legends Hitbox: No More 'Big' Legends Anytime Soon According To Dev

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Season 8 of Apex Legends on its way comes Fuse!

Players are excited for his arrival, although when it comes to future legends, they shouldn't expect models like Gibraltar or Caustic.

It seems that the team don't intend to make any more 'big' legends in the near future.

Here's everything we know!

No More 'Big' Legends

Recently Daniel Klien, developer at Respawn, told fans that there won't be any 'big' legends in the newest season.

At the moment the larger of hitboxes belong to Caustic and Gibraltar.

They can be a great choice due to the fact they take less damage, as an easier target.

The issue is that players want hitboxes to be equal so all legends are fair game but it's just not feasible with different models.

Klien stated that it would take too much development work to make the legend's hitboxes smaller.

He went on to say that if he could go back he would make it so all legends were the same size.


Unfortunately, we wouldn't have as much diversity in the legends but it would solve the neverending argument of hitboxes.

So for now, we won't be getting any legends like the beloved Caustic or Gibraltar for a while.

Although maybe the devs will find a workaround, finger crossed!

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