Apex Legends EVA-8 Auto: Damage Stats, How To Use Like A Pro, Skins And More

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The EVA-8 is one of the most popular shotguns, largely due to its ability to laser down opponents from close range due to its fully automatic firing style.

But is the EVA-8 actually as good as many would lead you to believe? Or should you be sticking to one of the more traditional shotguns available in Apex?

On this page, we're going to tell you everything that you need to know about the EVA-8, including how it fares against the four other shotguns available in the Apex Legends universe (Mastiff, Mozambique and Peacekeeper)

EVA-8 Basic Information

Here is the basic information that you need to know about the EVA-8:

  • Weapon Type: Shotgun
  • Firing Modes: Auto
  • Ammo Type: Shotgun Shells
  • Magazine Size: 8
  • Range: Close
  • Tac Reload Time: 2.5s
  • Full Reload Time: 2.8s
  • Rate of Fire: 120 RPM
  • Projectile Speed: 16,000 UPS

EVA-8 Damage Stats

How much damage does an EVA-8 do in Apex? That's what you really need to know. Just below you'll find the damage stats for the EVA-8. Do note these are just the basic damage stats and do not reflect stats for Fortified Legends (Caustic, Gibraltar)where damage stats are typically reduced by 15%.

Target Damage Shots To Kill: 100HP 150HP 175HP 200HP 225HP
Level 1 Helmet6323344
Level 2 Helmet6323344
Level 3/4 Helmet6323344

EVA-8 Attachments

The EVA-8 is a shotgun, so uses shotgun shells which it fires in the shape of a number “8” – hence the name.

You can get a shotgun bolt to increase the fire rate, and optics available include Holo, HCOG, Variable Holo and the Legendary Digital Threat scope.


  • 1x Holo (Common)
  • 1x Holo Classic (Common)
  • 1x-2x Variable Holo (Rare)
  • 2x HCOG Bruiser (Rare)
  • 1x Digital Threat (Legendary)


  • Shotgun Bolt

EVA 8 Skins

At the time of writing, there are a total of 65 weapon skins available for the EVA-8 Auto. This includes 12 Legendary, 10 Epic, 27 Rare and 16 Common.

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The prices of the skins range from 30 CM (Common) to 1,200 CM (Legendary).

EVA 8 Review - Is It Good?

The EVA-8’s viability stems from the sheer rate at which the gun unloads, with the shotgun bolt and Double Tap Trigger hop-up making it an incredibly fast-firing weapon.

The trouble, therefore, is the amount of ammo it holds, with just eight shells in its non-expandable magazine.

With that in mind, keep the EVA-8 stocked up and try and pick enemies off one-by-one in close-range firefights. That means you can reload between kills and find cover for when you’re unable to shoot.