Apex Legends Devs Announce What Plans Are In Place To Deal With Cheating

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Respawn has made some comments on Twitter about their plans to combat cheaters in Apex Legends, causing a discussion around the topic on Twitter and players questioning the sincerity of the plans.

Cheating is a large problem in any online game and is always a difficult task for developers to tackle they are always responding to new and powerful ways around their anti-cheat systems.

Respawn mentioned "several options" are being pursued to help deal with cheaters.

  • Hiring more people to focus on bans
  • Developing more tools to automatically detect and stop DDOS attacks
  • Investigating ways to more quickly catch and remove cheaters from games

Apex Legends Devs Announce What Plans Are In Place To Deal With Cheating

Shortly after, players were quick to make their responses and criticize Respawn for not following through with plans prior.

Leading the conversation was NRG member "sweetdreams", who posted a TwitLonger post titled "Empty Promises and False Hope".

The hashtag #SaveApexRanked took off and players and were quick to voice their opinions.

The main criticism players have is that the Apex Legends team is not being held accountable for all the talk around banning cheaters and not staying true to their word.


Just a few months ago we heard the same comments that Respawn was working on ways to address cheaters, although they didn't have any plans to announce at the time

This leads people to believe these comments today are what has been planned for a while, and we hope the team is now ready to take action.

Ryan Rigney, head of comms at Respawn acknowledged sweetdreams post, and although they don't agree on everything, a conversation needed to be had for players to express their feeling to the Apex Legends team.

All players can do now is wait and see if Respawn takes action in the coming months to make the game a more enjoyable environment for all.

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