Respawn Promises Compensation for Apex Legends Players Affected by Cheating

The Apex Legends cheater situation might be getting a bit better moving forward.

In the new video series Respawn Responds, Apex Legends design director Jason McCord explained how Respawn is addressing both cheaters and those affected by cheaters.

Naturally, McCord doesn’t share much about Respawn’s efforts to deter cheaters, since the point is not giving cheaters an easy way around the rules.

However, he did say Respawn is working on several systems to help compensate those affected by cheating and to show the development team takes cheating seriously.

Chief among Respawn’s new efforts is offering some kind of compensation if you lose in a match that included a cheater.

“This might look something like retroactive loss forgiveness, where you’ll get your RP back,” McCord said.

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Respawn Promises Compensation for Apex Legends Players Affected by Cheating

Respawn is also working on a system to notify those who report cheaters when said cheaters have been banned.

McCord said the goal is showing Respawn does act when cheating gets reported and that reporting has an important effect.

Finally, Respawn is streamlining their detection pipeline to track players who get boosted by cheaters.

One thing McCord said players frequently ask for is SMS verification for ranked matches.

Don’t expect that anytime soon.

McCord said Respawn’s research showed verification would have little positive effect on the cheating situation.

Respawn has more extensive plans to tackle cheating, though McCord said they’ll be keeping most of those details to themselves for now.

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