Apex Legends Could Get Titans, Alongside Titanfall's Blisk, According To New Leak

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Apex Legends Season 8 is in full swing, but the game could see a big shakeup in the near future.

Longtime Apex Legends data miner Biast12 has shared a video of a player calling in a Titan, leading to speculation that Blisk, the villain from Titanfall 2, could be joining the Legends Roster.

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While rumours have circulated before that Titans would be dropping into King's Canyon and the like, this is the closest we've had to proof alongside the new Stories from the Outlands Trailer teasing Northstar's return.

The team at Respawn had confirmed to Eurogamer that Titans were part of the game's early prototypes, with the developer even having a fairly stripped back map to accommodate them.

The footage from Biast12 admittedly doesn't show the player climbing into the mech, so it could be that the Titan is fixed in place, or only available for a limited time - which would certainly help them feel at least somewhat balanced.

There's always the possibility that the Titan will be part of a limited-time mode, but the leaker seems confident its appearance is tied to Blisk's.

Back in 2019 (and re-uploaded in 2020) @That1MiningGuy revealed a showcase of the game's upcoming Legends. Crypto, Revenant, Loba and Rampart all came to pass, but Valk hasn't appeared - at least not yet (we got Fuse and Horizon instead).

Blisk was noted alongside a character called Downfall, as well as two further characters. Could the Titanfall 2 baddie be next?

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