Apex Legends 1.62 Update Today: Patch notes and latest changes for PS4, Xbox, PC and Switch

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Apex Legends has dropped a new update today (March 22).

This new update appears to be available for all players on PS4, Xbox and PC, but it's not yet known if there's anything new rolling out for Nintendo Switch.


Although given the game features crossplay, we'd like to think the changes are coming to Switch too.

This new update, version 1.62, is reportedly quite beefy, with players on Reddit reporting download sizes of 64GB on Xbox and roughly 55.80 GB on PS4/PS5.

(Update: It seems the update should be only 290MB, so its possible some players download sizes are just a bit all over the shop)

So far there's been no word from Respawn regarding what this latest update could be fixing or adding to the game (Update: Official patch notes shared below).


Some players suspect it could have something to do with a bugged Wattson skin.

Posting on Twitter earlier today, Respawn told fans:

"During our most recent @PlayApex collection event there was a bug with Wattson's Electric Blue skin that caused her textures to go missing. We've since shipped the fix and fully refunded anyone who bought the skin before the fix went live. Refunded players keep the fixed skin."

Apex Legends 1.62 Official Patch Notes


  • Console players can now toggle the survival slot off. If turned off, survival items will only be accessible through the inventory screen and the button will trigger the weapon inspect feature by default. (Source)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Electric Blue Wattson skin (Source)

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