Apex Legends April Fools 2021 Update

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Apex LegendsSeason 9 is right around the corner, but before that we have April Fools! 

Respawn plan to add some interesting changes with this update, but what do they have planned?

What to Expect 

This year, Respawn are going down a similar route from last year. This means new gold variants of guns and other quirky features. 

The Gold Mozambique will be returning with increased damage (19 damage per pellet) alongside the Gold P2020.

There will also be an increased amount of loot rollers in the sky, so you won't need to keep your head down to find loot. 

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Leaker @shrugtal on twitter has also said "Airhorns" will be coming to Apex. Whether this will be an in-game item or just a sound effect is unclear.

There will likely be a host of other changes coming with this update, but we'll have to wait until we're closer to release for more info.

Release Date

These changes will likely be implemented into Apex on 1st April, 2021. 

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We don't know how long they'll feature in-game before being removed, but make sure you jump online on April Fools to make the most of it!

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