Apex Legends 1.64 Is Live, But It's A Mystery So Far

Apex Legends 1.64 is out now, though it’s a bit of a mystery.

So far, there are no Apex Legends 1.64 patch notes.

There’s also been no official announcement from Respawn about what the new Apex Legends patch does.

Apex 1.64 is a small download, coming in at roughly 200 MB, which makes it even more of an enigma.

As for what the patch might address, there are a few possible candidates.

There’s still several stability issues to fix, plus Apex’s ongoing server problem Respawn has yet to address.

However, there’s another possibility as well.

Apex 1.64 might just be part of a bigger patch that’s on the horizon.

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Apex Legends 1.64 Is Live, But It's A Mystery So Far

Since Respawn and the official Apex Legends haven’t said anything about Apex patch 1.64, it’s probably not the patch addresses server not connecting problems.

Apex players have been clamoring for confirmation that Respawn is fixing the issue, and it seems unlikely Respawn would address the problem without actually telling people about it.

The usual bug and stability fixes might fall under Apex Legends 1.64’s purview.

However, it’s not uncommon for developers to push small patches that help prepare games for future updates or incoming content.

Apex Legends 1.64 could be getting the game ready for season nine, which starts on May 4.

We'll update when we know more.

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