How to Change Server in Apex Legends Mobile

The debut season of Apex Legends Mobile is well underway following its anticipated release. The mobile version of the popular battle royale is proving a hit for fans of the game and as players look for the best Apex Legends Mobile graphics settings, many are also wondering how to change server.

Changing your server can make a huge difference in terms of improving the connection. Depending on your location, you can switch servers to reduce any potential interference that could cause some unwanted lag.

Before we take a look at how to change servers in Apex Legends Mobile, be sure to check out how to change to third-person in Apex Legends Mobile along with how to change your profile picture.

How to Change Server in Apex Legends Mobile

Having spent plenty of time exploring all of the settings within Apex Legends Mobile, the game doesn't give players the option to change to another server. This is particularly annoying for those that are experiencing connectivity issues and want to move to a server with a lower ping.

The PC and console versions of Apex Legends do enable players to switch servers. It's unclear if the feature will eventually arrive in Apex Legends Mobile as part of a future update. Until then, you're stuck with the server that the game chooses.

Can I Use A VPN in Apex Legends Mobile?

You can run a VPN alongside Apex Legends Mobile in order to improve your ping during matches. With no way of manually changing servers within the game, this is a great alternative in order to rectify any connection issues you may experience.

That's all we know about changing servers in Apex Legends Mobile. If Respawn does add the feature at a later date, we will update the guide with how to switch servers as fast as possible. For now, check out our Apex Legends Mobile page for all the latest news and information.

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