Fantasian Part 2 Is Double the Size of Part 1

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Fantasian (and Final Fantasy) creator Hironobu Sakaguchi announced Fantasian Part 2 is close to being finished.

Sakaguchi made the comment on Twitter, accompanied by a new piece of Fantasian art, and followed up with a few more comments to Famitsu.


He told the Japanese publication Fantasian was conceived as a two part adventure, but working on the second half surprised the team. It defied expectations an turned out to be twice as big as the original game.

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Fantasian Part 2 Is Double the Size of Part 1

"The boss monsters are also unique and challenging," he continued, before thanking the artists and designers involved.


However, it's the RPG's size that could help it rise above what the first part achieved.

Critics gave Fantasian a warm reception when it first released in April, but a common theme was how the game plays things safe, with no unexpected twists in character development or narrative.

A meatier second half could be what the game needs to develop its own identity.

Whatever the case, it's possible Fantasian will be Sakaguchi's last game before he retires and the last track Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu will score.

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[Source: Famitsu]