Fantasian Might be Last Full Game for Hironobu Sakaguchi, Nobuo Uematsu

Fantasian, the Apple Arcade-exclusive RPG from Mistwalker Studio, could be Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi's last game, or at least the last game he has full involvement in.

Sakaguchi recently made the comments to Video Games Chronicle's Chris Scullion in an exclusive interview where he reflected on what might be in store for his future career.

Fantasian is an upcoming classic JRPG designed with modern improvements in mind set in a world of handcrafted diorama environments. 

The two-part epic streamlines the typical JRPG formula and makes move and combat easier while retaining elements Final Fantasy fans would expect from the mind that produced the first five Final Fantasy games, including amnesia, intrigue, and plenty of swords and sorcery.

Sakaguchi's remarks come shortly after he said composer and longtime collaborator Nobuo Uematsu could retire as well.

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Fantasian Might be Last Full Game for Hironobu Sakaguchi, Nobuo Uematsu

Sakaguchi said "I think it is certainly possible that this could be my last project. That was kind of in the back of my mind as we were developing it."

As for what Sakaguchi would do after Fantasian and whether he'll remain involved in video game development, he's not sure.

"To be perfectly honest," he said, "I haven’t given much thought to the next steps for the company or where we want to go, and I think I could use a bit of vacation time in between now and whatever it is we do next"

A few weeks earlier, Sakaguchi also told VGC Fantasian will likely be Uematsu's last full project due to health issues.

He'll continue providing indivdual contributions to additional projects, though, which will presumably include Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part Two.

"On a positive note, he poured his heart and soul into [Fantasian],” Sakaguchi said. “When I heard it, it almost made me tear up a little bit, because it was a very big moment in both of our careers."

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[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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