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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade: PS5 Release Date, Trailer, Price, And Everything You Need To Know

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A brand new version of Final Fantasy 7 is making its way over to the PS5.


FF7 first remake was released back on the PS4 last year and it was an instant hit with many fans of the original

Now, the game is making its way over to next-gen consoles and there are some amazing improvements coming.

Here's all you need to know! 


Latest News

New Info Revealed - April 13th

Square Enix has revealed plenty of new gameplay details for Yuffie's DLC chapter - now specifically known as Episode INTERmission.

Wutai agent Yuffie will team up with Sonon, a new character, and will have an ability called Banishment that stacks more damage if you've recently blown through your ATB gauge.

She'll also be able to use a throwing star, and Elemental Ninjutsu - meaning she can switch attacks between fire, ice, lightning and wind.

Where was she when we fought Hell House, eh?

New Trailer - March 22nd

A new "extended and enhanced features" trailer is live. Check it out below:


Release Date

Announced during the PS5 State of Play for February of 2021, the PS5 remake will be making its way to players on June 20th, 2021! 


Square Enix has announced an ample amount of optimization details coming to the new iteration of FF7.

The game is going to have vastly improved loading times, 4K resolution within the game.

As well, it is also going to have a new Photo Mode and a new classic difficulty setting! 

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Free Upgrade

If you have played the original remake back on the PS4, then you qualify for a FREE upgrade to the PS5 version.

This won't, however, apply to the PS Plus version of the game that was offered in March.



A brand new aspect of the PS5 remake is that there will be a separate storyline revolving around the character Yuffie! has reported that the Yuffie storyline will be approximately two chapters. This information comes from Game Watch and the German PlayStation store!

Square Enix also issued a new press release outlining some of Yuffie's combat enhancements.

After using her Unique Ability to hurl a massive shuriken, Yuffie can activate ninjutsu skills to deal damage of any elemental type.

She also has a special skill called Banishment that gets stronger the more she uses up the ATB.

This new storyline has been highly anticipated by fans, and we cannot wait to jump into this new story! 

Trailer and Gameplay

Check out the trailer that was showcased during the live stream! 

FF7 Remake Intergrade Voice Cast

Yuffie Kisaragi, voiced by Suzie Yeung

  • Sonon Kusakabe, voiced by Aleks Le
  • Weiss, voiced by Daman Mills
  • Zhijie, voiced by Griffin Puatu
  • Nayo, voiced by Ashley Boettcher
  • Billy Bob, voiced by David Goldstein
  • Polk, voiced by Daniel Amerman

Yes, you read that right.

FF7 Intergrade features a character called Billy Bob, who's part of a new Avalanche team making contacts in Wutai.


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