Animal Crossing New Horizons: Happy Home Paradise - How To Get the Happy Home Network App

Your job at Paradise Planning in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise will let you create numerous dream vacation homes. However, with so many properties under your belt, it can become difficult to keep track of them. Fortunately, there is an app for that! We're here to show you how to use the Happy Home Network app, explain how to get it and what it is.

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How To Get the Happy Home Network App

Lottie will give you the Happy Home Network App after you successfully finish your second client's home. You will then be able to re-visit your first client's home and take a photo of it to upload to the app.

How To Use the Happy Home Network App

The Main App

When you finish a client's home, you will be given the option to take a photo of it with your client happily living in it. The first photo that you take of a finished home will automatically be uploaded to the Happy Home Network App. If you want to replace the photo of a client's home then you will need to visit that client, take a new photo and press +. Only the last photo you take can be used as a replacement.

To see all of the finished homes that you have documented, open up the app on your Nook Phone. It should be the icon in the centre on the bottom row. When the app is open, you will be able to see all of your completed homes and if you click on them you will be able to see details about them such as what season they have.

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The Showroom

After you complete 13 buildings, Lottie will upgrade your app again. You will now have access to "the showroom". You will need an internet connection and a Nintendo Online Membership to access this feature. The Showroom is where you can take a look at designs that other players have made and share your own. If you find that there are players who have design styles that you love, you can follow them.

If you want to view your own profile or post images, you need to press (-). This will take you to your profile page. To post a property that you have completed, click on an empty slot and press Y to choose which one you want to share. Also, you can change the style of your profile page to suit your personality by pressing X.

You must remember that properties that you post to this section can be seen by other players from around the world. Your player name and any custom designs that you use can be seen by other people, so try to be safe with what you choose to share.

What Is the Happy Home Network App?

The Happy Home Network App is another useful app for your Nook Phone but you can only get it as part of the Happy Home Paradise DLC. The app allows you to keep track of all of the homes that you have finished renovating and it will let you revisit them quickly without needing to visit Niko at the pier.

There are multiple new things for you to find and use in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise. We've put together some guides that will help you find your feet in the DLC, including one on how to customise furniture and one on how to make work outfits.

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