Animal Crossing New Horizons St. Patrick's Day: Date, Time, Outfits, DIY Recipes, Event and Everything You Need To Know

Animal Crossing New Horizons has been releasing updates at a rapid pace since the turn of the New Year.

A ton of content is relating within the next few weeks, including a brand new update in March.

Not only will Super Mario-themed items be implemented within the game, but St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner. 

Here's all you need to know!

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St. Patrick's Day 2021 is going to fall on March 17th!

So, expect the massive March update to land a few days before this special day.


Items and Outfits

Showcased during the Nintendo Direct on the 17th of February, check out some of the items they teased during the show. 

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Leaks, News and Rumors

As of now, we do not know what we can expect to release with the special day coming up.

Be sure to let us know on social media what you would like to see implemented into the game!

For now, be sure to check out all the information surrounding the big March update down below!

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