Animal Crossing New Horizons Super Mario Update: Release Date, Items, Furniture And Everything We Know

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Nintendo has broken its silence and announced a wealth of Mario content coming in the next few weeks.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans are going to be getting some extra special Mario content for their island, and it's sure to keep them busy.


Here's all you need to know!

Release Date

Once fans have downloaded the latest update on February 25, Super Mario Bros items can be found in the game's Nook Shopping store.


You'll have to wait until March 1 to buy them, though.

What Is It?

There are plenty of items to collect. 

Not only are there the blocks, mushrooms, and even flagpoles we were expecting, but players can travel via pipe across their island, too.


You'll need to put down two pipes, which will then be connected – allowing you to move more quickly from one part of your paradise to the other.

There are also Thwomps, as well as the chance to get coins from standing underneath question blocks.


Check out just some of the items below:


Animal Crossing New Horizons has been a runaway hit for Nintendo, with the game's popularity making it an internet phenomenon.

This update would essentially drop around the game's one year anniversary, so March could end up being a very busy month for islanders.