Animal Crossing New Horizons May New Bugs and Fish

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Animal Crossing New Horizons adds new bugs and fish to catch each month and May 2021 is no exception. You'll be able to catch all sorts of critters this month, and you'll want to make sure you've already captured those that are leaving soon. To help make sure you've got everything you need to donate to Blathers, we've put together this May Fish and Bugs guide. We'll list the fish and bugs arriving this month, and which ones you'll want to catch before they leave.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons May Fish and Bugs List

May 2021 brings a whole host of new critters to catch in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here's what's up for grabs.

Name Location Time
Great Purple EmperorFlying4 AM - 7 PM
Queen Alexandra's BirdwingFlying8 AM - 4 PM
Banded DragonflyFlying8AM - 5 PM
PondskaterPonds8 AM - 7 PM
Diving BeetlePonds and rivers8 AM - 7 PM
Violin BeetleTree stumpsAll Day
Rosalia Batesi BeetleTree stumpsAll Day
ScorpionOn ground7 PM - 4 AM
FrogPondAll Day
CatfishPond4 PM - 9 AM
Nibble FishRiver9 AM - 4 PM
AngelfishRiver4 PM - 9 AM
Betta River9 AM - 4 PM
RainbowfishRiver9 AM - 4 PM
Giant TrevallyPierAll Day
Mahi-MahiPierAll Day
Sea UrchinDivingAll Day
Slate Pencil UrchinDiving4 PM - 9 AM
Gigas giant clamDivingAll Day
Vampire squidDiving4 PM - 9 AM
Spotted garden eelDiving4 AM - 9 PM

Fish and Bugs Leaving in May

As well as new fish and bugs coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons in May 2021, some will be leaving until next season. Here's a list of all the fish and bugs leaving ACNH this month.

Name Location Time
Golden TroutRivers (Clifftop)4 PM - 9 AM
LoachRiversAll Day
OarfishOceanAll Day

Yeah, you read that right, there are no bugs leaving the game this month. The golden trout is the trickiest to catch here. Check out our guide on catching one for some handy tips.

Release Date

The new bugs and fish for May 2021 will arrive on May 1st. Usually this updates at around 5 AM in your respective time zone. Just make sure to log out and back in on this date.


That's all you need to know about the bugs and fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons. For more help with the game check out our guide on glitching to your island's fourth tier. Elsewhere, there's our look at getting all types of fruit.