Animal Crossing New Horizons May Sea Creatures List

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It's another month in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which means new Sea Creatures for May. As well as some new additions, some sea creatures will also be leaving this month. To help make sure you know what to catch, and what's new, we've put together this Animal Crossing New Horizons May Sea Creatures guide. We'll list all the sea creatures available this month, which ones are leaving, and which ones are new.

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ACNH: Sea Creatures Available in May

There's a wide variety of sea creatures available in Animal Crossing New Horizons for May 2021. Here's the full list:

Price Time Name
600All DayAcorn Barnacle
1,8004 PM - 9 AMChambered Nautilus
1,900All DayDungeness Crab
1,4009 PM - 4 AMFirefly Squid
15,000All DayGigas Giant Clam
4,500All DayLobster
2,5004 PM - 9 AMMantis Shrimp
1,700All DaySea Urchin
600All DaySeaweed
2,0004 PM - 9 AMSlate Pencil Urchin
1,1004 AM - 9 PMSpotted Garden Eel
1,000All DayTurban Shell
6,000All DayUmbrella Octopus
10,0004 PM - 9 AMVampire Squid

New Sea Creatures for May

There are a bunch of new critters being added in May 2021. Here's what's new:

Name Price Time
Sea Urchin1,700All day
Slate Pencil Urchin2,0004 PM - 9 AM
Gigas giant clam15,000All day
Vampire squid10,0004 PM - 9 AM
Spotted Garden Eel1,1004 AM - 9 PM
An image showing a character in Animal Crossing pulling some seaweed out of the sea. They're displaying it to the camera, with the caption: "I got some seaweed! I couldn't kelp myself"

Sea Creatures Leaving this Month

May is your last chance to get your hands on a selection of sea creatures before they leave for the season. Here's what you'll want to keep an eye out for:

Name Price Time
Turban Shell1,000All day
Umbrella octopus6,000All day
Dungeness crab1,900All day

That's all you need to know about the sea creatures available in Animal Crossing New Horizons for May. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on generating an Island Name. Elsewhere there's our look at how to get Forsythia.

Release Date

The May update for the animals in ACNH usually takes place at 5 AM on May 1st in your respective time zone. Just make sure to log out and back in around this time to start catching the new creatures.