Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Can You Get the La-Di-Day Event?

Animal Crossing New Horizons. Player expressing glee outside resident services in autumn

Animal Crossing New Horizons. Player expressing glee outside resident services in autumn

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Multiple games came before Animal Crossing: New Horizons and like the newest game, they all had special events that you could choose to take part in. Some of these events have been seen in the newest game but some are still nowhere to be seen. We're here to answer an important question about one event that hasn't been seen for a long time - can you get the La-Di-Day event?

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Can You Get the La-Di-Day Event?

No, it appears that you cannot get the La-Di-Day event. The event has only been seen in Wild World and none of the other games leading up to New Horizons. Although the town tune is still a component of island life, the event surrounding villagers making a new one seems unlikely. The final free major content update was released for the game recently and it looks like all of the in-game events have already been made available.

If La-Di-Day does make an appearance then we will update this page.

What Was La-Di-Day?

The La-Di-Day event was when all villagers in your town would come up with their own version of the town tune and sing it to you. It was then down to you whether you changed the town tune to their version or if you kept it as it was.

Even though you cannot get la-di-day, there are still plenty of events for you to participate in while playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We have guides on a few of them including one for Lunar New Year 2022. If events aren't what you're after, then you should take a look at our guide listing all villager birthdays so you can celebrate with your favourites!

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