Animal Crossing New Horizons

24 Feb 2021

Animal Crossing New Horizons: La-Di-Day Event - Release Date, What Is It and Rewards

New Horizons is getting a massive update later this week. 

The new WInter Update is going to implement a lot of content; including the holiday-themed Toy Day.

Now, we are looking ahead to what other festive events we are going to see.

One of these events is La-Di-Day.

Although this event only occurred in Wild World; there is a chance it returns within New Horizons.

Here's all we know! 


What Is It? 

La-Di-Day was an event that only occurred within Animal Crossing Wild World, which released back in 2005.

The event is centered around music; and it is essentially a massive contest to who can sing the best within the island.

Here's how noted the event: 

Villagers participate in a competition for a new Town Tune. The only villagers who don't participate are those who are sick, moving in, or moving out.

Villagers will sing their song to the player and will try to impress the player with their tune. 

The player may go to every animal in their town and find the tune they find most pleasing.



The event takes place on the second Saturday of every odd-numbered month.

So, this would take place on January 9th, 2021! 


Will It Happen? 

Whether or not this event occurs is unknown as of now.

It has not happened yet in New Horizons, but maybe with the New Year, they will release this event!