Animal Crossing New Horizons

24 Feb 2021

Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Get Floating Gifts

Animal Crossing New Horizons had an incredible year in 2020, selling over 26 million units since its release in March.

Now, with the New Year in full swing, New Horizons is releasing a brand new January Update very soon.

One aspect of the game that has been within New Horizons since it released has been floating gifts.

These pleasant packages can be found on your island all over the map, and players may be wondering how to obtain them.

Here's how! 



These floating presents have been apart of the game since it released back in March of 2020.

Players will spot these gifts at random times over their island, and in order to shoot them down, you are going to need a Slingshot.

This can be obtained via Resident Services for just 900 Nook Miles, and it is one of the very first items you will purchase.

Once you see these floating gifts, in order to shoot them down all you are going to need to do is get underneath one.

Then, you will need to fire your Slingshot up in the air and it will fire and hit the balloon that is holding it up.

It should fall to the ground, so you can take it!

Once again, these are spawned randomly over the course of the day; so there is no telling when one will spawn!