Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Event: When Does It Start, What Is It And More

There's not long until the Halloween Event starts in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Before the actual event takes place there are a few features coming to the game.

Are you ready for some thrills with Jack?

Let's jump in and find out everything you need to know about the Halloween Event!

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When Does It Start?

The Halloween update goes live on September 30th.

It will run up until October 31st.

The actual event takes place on the 31st from 5 PM till 12 AM.

What Is It?

The event itself is hosted by Jack.

Jack is the guy walking around with a pumpkin on his head.

During this time, you can go trick or treat with the villagers.

Whilst doing so you can exchange Candy for Recipes and Lollipops.

If you choose to do so with Jack you unique Halloween inspired items like a replica of this costume, a Spooky Wand or a Spooky Carriage.

Try out new Reactions when interacting with the villagers like Haunt and Scare!

What's New?

Growing Pumpkins

Grow some pumpkins for a spooky aesthetic.

You can even harvest them when fully grown and put them towards some DIY projects.

Halloween Preparations

It's time to start stashing away some Candy ahead of the event!

Why not try out a new style? Head to the Able Sisters shop and get some new threads.

Exchange your Nook Miles to get body paint or even eye contacts.

Have a chat with your neighbours and learn some new Halloween DIY projects.

Halloween Celebrations

At 5 PM on the 31st of October, all the townspeople will gather at the plaza.

You'll get to meet Jack, the Czar of Halloween.

Give him Lollipops or Candy and you'll receive a treat!

Don't leave your friends out, give some to the villagers too or they might prank you.

Revisit Dreams

Dreams were introduced earlier on in the year, allowing you to visit other islands.

You'll be able to revisit islands from a list!

NookLink App Update

The NookLink App will be receiving an update too!

You'll be able to perform the Reactions mentioned above using the app.

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