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Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Candy: How To Get Candy From The Fall Update?


Animal Crossing New Horizon's Halloween Event is taking place on the 31st of October from 5:00 pm to 12:00 am.


Throughout October there's plenty of spooky things to do.

One of which is getting Candy.

We're going to tell you what it's used for and how to get some!

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How To Get Candy

Candy is a limited-time item available through October.

It's is important to get ahold of before the Halloween event on October 31st.

It can be used to Trick or Treat with villagers to get exclusive items.

Candy can be purchased from Nook's Cranny for 120 Bells each, only one unit can be bought per day.


Try to get yourself in a routine of buying a Candy each day, otherwise, you might find you don't have enough for the event.

It's recommended to have a minimum of 15, the more the better.

How to Get Free Candy

You can even get Candy from villagers for free!

Here are a few ways how.

Speak To Villagers In Their House While Wearing A Costume

On October 31st, wear a costume and speak to villagers whilst they are in their homes.

You'll only receive Candy from 5:00 pm on the 31st.

When speaking to them you'll get one piece of Candy per villager.

When running out of Candy you can redo this after period fo time has passed.

Dress Like Jack And Speak To Villagers


Speak to Jack and give him two pieces of Candy.

In return, he will give you Jack's Face and Jack's Robe.

If you speak to villagers while wearing the costume, they will be scared by you and give you a piece of Candy.

This can only be done on each villager once during the event.

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