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Animal Crossing Festivale Event: Items, Feathers, Furniture, DIY Recipes, Walkthrough And Everything You Need To Know

With the most recent January update now going live, a new event is coming to Animal Crossing New Horizons - Festivale.

Festivale is a holiday that has occurred in the past and returns in New Horizons for the first time.

This holiday mirrors Mardi Gras in some respects and features the mascot Pave the Peacock.

So what is it all about and what can you expect to see?

Here's what we know about Festivale in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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What Is It?

The Festivale event is an annual one hosted by Pave the peacock.

The event is essentially a celebration of colour, craziness, and other sorts of fun items.

This can be compared to the real-life festival of Mardi Gras, which is held in New Orleans each year. 

Festivale is a Spring event that happens in February or March depending on the year. Pavé hosts the event in front of the Event Plaza.

As some neighbours will tell the player, there will be no snow or rain during the entire day.

Festivale is quoted (by Nintendo Power) as an "all-day festival of color, costumes and craziness!".


Release Date

The event takes place on the 15th February 2021.


January Update Trailer

Explore February Trailer

Event Task


Pave will give you the goal of collecting items over the course of the day.

In previous games, this has ranged from candy to features. So we can expect the same this time around.

As well, players will be able to earn some amazing rewards for completing this objective during the day.

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Float like a feather, sting like a bee


Event Rewards

These unique rewards will be dished out by Pave, but they're currently unknown.

Festivale Furniture

From the 1st February to the 15th February, new themed furniture will be available at Nook’s Cranny.

Players can also purchase special themed outfits from the Able Sisters.

The Festivale Tank Dress, Costume and accessory are available on every island, but not every item of clothing is available every day.

  • Festivale Tank Dress - 2,600
  • Festivale Costume - 2,600
  • Festivale Accessory - 2,240
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Dress for the occasion thanks to the Able Sisters

All Furniture

  • Festivale Parasol - 2,500
  • Festivale Drum - 2,100
  • Festivale Garland - 4,000
  • Festivale Stage - 6,000
  • Festivale Lamp - 1,500
  • Festivale Stall - 3,000
  • Festivale Flag - 1,300
  • Festivale Balloon Lamp - 4,000
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All Festivale furniture!

Photo via IGN

Reactions And Emotes

The Viva Festival Reaction Set which includes “Feelin’ It”, “Let’s Go”, “Viva” and “Confetti” will also be available for purchase at Nook’s Cranny - this costs 19,800 Bells.

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