Age of Empires 4’s Developer Is Considering an Xbox Version

Age of Empires 4 has been topping the Steam charts since it came out last past weekend. Offering a long-awaited sequel for the classic strategy series, many have wondered whether developer World's Edge will bring it to Xbox platforms too.

Speaking with (thanks Gamingbolt), World's Edge creative director Adam Isgreen mentioned potential plans to bring Age of Empires 4 to consoles, stating:

“As soon as we’re done managing the launch of the game on PC, we’ll start thinking about how to make it work on consoles. We don’t have any definitive plans yet, but it’s now that we’re going to really start thinking about it.”

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Age of Empires 4’s Developer Is Considering an Xbox Version

Listing over 70,000 concurrent players during its release last week, Age of Empires even topped Phasmophobia and Back 4 Blood in terms of sales. It isn't surprising then to see a console version being a possibility.

It's worth remembering too that World's Edge is a Microsoft-owned developer under Xbox Game Studios, making a console port even more likely. For now, nothing's been confirmed but make sure to follow us for more gaming news and updates as it happens.

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