Age of Empires 4 Walkthrough: All of Our Guides in One Place

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The Age of Empires 4 logo from the official gameplay trailer.

Whether you're an experienced real-time strategy player or new to Age of Empires altogether, there are bound to be areas of the latest instalment that you might need a little help with. Age of Empires 4 has you commandeer an empire, retell history, and hopefully win multiple battles. Players can choose between various unique civilisations in the game, and will have to think creatively to counter each one if they wish to succeed.

In the following walkthrough, we've separated our guides into various sections, including things to do before you begin, how to get started, and how to be prepared for battle.

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Before You Begin

A town in Age of Empires 4 with stone walls.
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Getting Started

A town in Age of Empires 4.
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Going to Battle

Two civilisations going to battle in a desert terrain in Age of Empires 4.
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There you have it. These are all the guides we've put together during our time playing Age of Empires 4 so far. We'll be sure to add more as we play more of the game and as Relic Entertainment introduce new updates and DLC. So, be sure to check back in!

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