Returnal Ether: Best Ways to Get Ether and How to Spend It

Returnal starts you off with basically nothing with each new loop. You'll have a handgun, but will have lost everything else. Everything except Ether that is. Ether persists across timelines, making it an extremely valuable resource. To help make sure you're getting the most out of Ether we've put together this Returnal Ether guide. We'll show you where to get it and how you can spend it.

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Where to Get Ether in Returnal

Ether is found as a blue item pickup in Returnal. You'll see it marked on the map with a blue triangle. You can find it pretty much anywhere, with areas having a chance to contain it on each run. Make sure you check side paths and use Atropian Keys to access new areas and look out for blue/purple drops. You can also use certain devices to exchange Obolites for Ether. These are often found near Fabricators.

Best Way to Get Ether

The best way to get Ether in Returnal is to complete Daily Challenges. You'll get 5 every time you clear a daily simulation challenge, which really adds up. Just head into Helios and use the simulation console.

A screenshot showing an Ether item in Returnal
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What Is Ether Used For?

The primary use for Ether is for unlocking new items. At the start of each loop you can use the nearby device to unlock an item for a certain amount of Ether. Doing this will give you a new item and add it to the available loot pool. It's well worth doing this as you're essentially improving your chances and giving yourself a wider variety of items to collect.

You can also use Ether to cleanse items of Malignancy. Doing so will make items clean, meaning they won't trigger malfunctions. This is particularly useful when using a Malignant Chest. Another use for Ether is that it can be exchanged for Obolites using an Obolite Depository. These are often found near large fabricators. The final use for Ether is in activating Reconstructors. Head to our Recontructor guide for more info.

That's all you need to know about Ether in Returnal. For a look at how to unlock the grapple hook, head here. For help with weapons, there's our Proficiency guide.

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