Returnal Reconstructor: What Do Reconstructors Do and How to Use Them

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There are multiple devices that you can use to your advantage in Returnal. Some will remove parasites while others allow you to grant bonuses that can be used for that run. Reconstructors are some of the most useful devices in the game, allowing you to spend Ether on creating respawn points. To make sure you're using these valuable devices to your advantage, we've put together this Returnal Reconstructors guide. We'll explain what they do and how to use them.

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Returnal Reconstructors Explained

You'll find Reconstructors in small hub areas in Returnal, usually before boss fights. You can spend 6 Ether to activate them, allowing you to return to them after dying. This essentially allows you to set a respawn point, handy for boss fights.

Selene activates a Reconstructor in Returnal
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How to Use a Reconstructor

In order to use a Reconstructor you will need 6 Ether. Hold triangle to spend them. Selene will step inside and be scanned. At this point, the Reconstructor will be active. When you die you will be automatically returned to the Reconstructor.

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