Returnal Grapple Points: How to Get the Icarian Grapnel

While exploring the biomes of Returnal you'll notice yellow grapple points. These allow you to reach new areas, and aren't accessible at first. To get to these points you will need the grapple hook, called the Icarian Grapnel. To help make sure you unlock it as soon as possible we've put together this Returnal Grapple Hook Guide. We'll explain how to get the grapple hook and some tips on using it.

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How to Get the Grapple Hook in Returnal

To get the Grapple Hook in Returnal you will need to beat the boss fight at the end of the Crimson Wastes. It's called Ixion. Once you've beaten this boss you will get the Icarian Grapnel.

A character looking up at a grapple point in Returnal.
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Using the Grapple Points in Returnal

To use the grapple hook you will need to face a yellow grapple point and press triangle. There's a good amount of range on it, meaning you can use it to dart around an area extremely quickly.

Icarian Grapnel Tips

The Icarian Grapnel is an extremely versatile piece of equipment. Here are some tips for using it:

  • Use the grapple hook in combat to move around quickly. It can be used to flank opponents and gain higher ground.
  • You can use grapple points to get to hidden items. Check your map to see where these items are.
  • Some items can only be reached using the grapple hook
  • Projectiles can be dodged by zipping with the Icarian Grapnel gear

That's how to get the grapple hook in Returnal. For more tips on beating the game, visit our Returnal Tips guide. Elsewhere there's our guide on how Proficiency works.

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