PUBG x Don Lee: How To Get All The Cosmetics After Update 12.2?

Krafton Inc recently released a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming update in PUBG and it features popular actor Don Lee. This recent collaboration with icons from popular culture is brilliant for the community, as fans will get to play with more exclusive outfits and cosmetics.

It was revealed earlier that Tottenham winger Son Heung-Min will also feature in a collaboration with PUBG. His cosmetic set along with his avatar was revealed by data miners and leakers.

With all these upcoming collaborations, fans can expect that PUBG is about to change forever. So if you're wondering when these cosmetics are coming in-game, or how to obtain them, rest assured we got you covered.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming collaborations in PUBG.

Release date

The upcoming PUBG 12.2 update will go live on July 7th, 2021. It will bring the new Taego map to the battle royale classic, and will also introduce Don Lee in the PUBG universe.

Players can also expect to see other collaborations from icons of popular culture. South Korean pop sensation Blackpink will also arrive in PUBG after the update.

Fans have a lot to look forward to as the developers have hinted at three major collaborations so far. Players can expect that all of these collaborations will have unique cosmetic sets, gun skins and other items.

Taego map

A new map is coming to PUBG and it's called Taego. Designed after the classic 8x8 battle royale blueprint, this map promises to be much better than its predecessors.

Actor Don Lee was featured in the cinematic trailer for Taego, and from the looks of it, he will play a much bigger role in PUBG.

In fact, a 9-minute video was released on social media which featured Don Lee in the PUBG Universe. The cinematic shows a chain of events at Hosan Prison in Taego, South Korea.

The inmates are seen to be asking a prison guard about the bounty to kill Kangjae Ma. This is the character played by Don Lee, and the video shows that he is an isolated inmate at the prison.

In the video, Don Lee fights his way through several inmates and guards. The prison had a CCTV system that recorded the entire incident, and it was later known as one of the first Gulag Tapes.

The video shows how the character fits in the PUBG Universe, and also reveals the new "gulag-mechanic" coming to PUBG.

Essentially, players can come back to the game after dying, and the game will also have a "self-res" feature after the 12.2 update.

Don Lee cosmetics

Popular data miner @PlayerIGN revealed on Twitter that Don Lee's skin set will come to PUBG with the next update. It will feature Don Lee's Hosan prison outfit, and a classic Jacket Jeans combo will be in the cosmetic set.

Players can expect that Don Lee's character will also be in this set, with some unique emotes.

The price for the set will be revealed once the update goes live on July 7th.

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