PUBG: Update 12.2 Will Bring The Self-Revive And Comeback BR Feature In New Taego Map

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The latest patch 12.2 update for PUBG will bring numerous changes to the game. A much-needed self-revive feature is speculated to arrive along with a comeback feature similar to Warzone's Gulag system.

Needless to say, all these exclusive changes will impact how the core mechanics work in PUBG.

Data miners and leakers took to social media to reveal every new feature that is coming to the game. Fans can expect that these massive changes, along with brand new content will revitalize the PUBG community.

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So if you are a battle royale fanatic and are tired of dying in PUBG, then this update is meant for you. We have compiled a list of all the new features coming to PUBG with update 12.2.


New Map - Taego

The developers uploaded a video to Twitter which gave a comprehensive idea of every new feature coming to the game with the latest update.

While the game will return to the classic battle royale feel with an 8x8 map, other dynamics are also going to change.
The map is called Taego, and it comes with some unique twists. According to popular data miner @PlayerIGN, Taego will not have any red zone. It will not have duo mode, and will only feature squad and solos.


Comeback BR

To simplify, the new Comeback BR is PUBG's take on Warzone's Gulag mechanic. The official trailer mentions that players who die during the first phase will get a chance to come back.


When the second phase begins, these dead players will be transported to a different section of the map along with other similar cases. Over there, these players will battle it out to earn a ticket back to their squad.

Comeback BR only happens on Taego and only features in Squad Mode.

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Self AED

A new self-revive kit is being introduced in PUBG. Players can find this utility item all around the map. This feature will revive players if they are knocked.


This will work in solo as well as squad matches. In solo games, players with the Self AED kit will get knocked instead of getting instantly killed.

In a squad match, if all four players have a Self AED kit, then the last person standing will get knocked. This allows the team to revive themselves quickly and get back in action. At the same time, players need to be aware as opponents will rush them as soon as they realize the squad isn't eliminated.

New Vehicle - Pony Coupe

Surviving in an 8x8 classic battle royale map can become quite strenuous, especially if players do not have vehicles. The developers mentioned that a new vehicle is coming to the game, and it's designed after the 1974 Hyundai concept car.


The Pony Coupe will feature all the realistic driving mechanics to get better control on different terrains. At the same time, it will have a 150 km/h max speed. The small and swift Pony Coupe will be the perfect option for players to cruise across Taego.

Although the car is a four-seater, the backseat teammates wouldn't be able to shoot. So realistically there is only one shooter for the team riding shotgun.

Personalized Shop

The devs informed that a new personalized Shop system will also come to PUBG with the 12.2 update. This will display on the home screen from time to time, offering players some of the cosmetics that were sold previously.
The Shop will only be open for a certain period and it will have special discounts on cosmetic items.

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