PUBG x Son Heung-Min: How to get the exclusive cosmetics after update 12.2?

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Recently, all the details for the upcoming update 12.2 for PUBG were officially announced on social media. Several new features are coming to the game, along with some collaborations with popular culture icons.

Tottenham winger Son Heung-Min is set to make his entry into the gaming world with PUBG. Earlier, the developers only teased the collaboration with the football star. However, now it seems to be confirmed, and fans can expect to see him in-game after the 12.2 update.


The details of this collaboration between Son Heung-Min and PUBG are not public yet, so it is still unsure how far this partnership extends. Nevertheless, data miners took to Twitter to reveal that a new cosmetic set designed after Son is coming to PUBG soon.

Son Heung-Min collaboration

On June 23rd, the official PUBG Twitter handle posted a teaser image of Son wearing a jersey with the PUBG logo. The post went viral soon enough, and fans started wondering when the South Korean football star will come to the BR game.


Within a few days, data miners took to Twitter to reveal that Krafton Inc is indeed teaming up with the Spurs forward. It is still unsure whether Son will become a brand ambassador for PUBG or have a cosmetic set in the game.

Son is no stranger to the gaming world either. Previously, the soccer star appeared in a commercial by South Korean Telecom, which also featured professional League of Legends player Faker. It will be interesting to see if the left winger partners with Krafton on a bigger scale.

Cosmetic set


A PUBG cosmetic set designed after Son Heung-Min was recently leaked by data miners on Twitter. The set features the following items:

  • Clothing Bundle
  • Jersey Bundle
  • Outfit Bundle
  • Weapons Bundle
  • Shirts
  • Shoes
  • Slacks
  • Cleats
  • Son Heung-Min's Heart ceremony emote
  • Son Heung-Min's Photo Op emote.

There is no official information about the price of this bundle, or when it will arrive in the game. Fans can expect that the developers will make a big announcement after update 12.2.