How Will Senua's First Adventure Affect Hellblade 2?

This article contains spoilers for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

The ending of Senua's Sacrifice found Senua killing the part of herself that could not accept the death of her lover, Dillion, at the hands of raiding Northmen led to her village by her own father.

She comes to recognize the abuse she and her mother suffered from her father and that the "Furies" in her mind are not a curse but just a part of who she is.

The players come to find out that Senua's journey was more of a personal, spiritual one than an actual one, with most of the adventure taking place in Senua's head.

Before the game fades to black, Senua tells the players that there are more stories to tell.

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Senua's Saga: Hellblade II

While Senua's psychosis often makes it hard to separate what is real from what Senua perceives, it is clear that Senua has a better understanding of her condition and is stronger for it.

In the Hellblade II trailer, we see Senua mentally preparing for a coming war, heading up an army that is never revealed to be real or a hallucination.

We see a sacrifice burned and a giant on the shores of Scotland.

Has Senua fully embraced her psychosis to become a leader of her people in their fight against the Northmen, or is Senua undergoing another spiritual adventure in her coming to terms with the loss of her people?

Will players see the return of the "Furies," the "Darkness," and Druth?

Will Senua continue to break the fourth wall, leading players through the story and relying on their strength to help her overcome whatever it is that she faces?

Will Hela make a return, or will other Norse gods take the place of parts of Senua she must battle against in her journey?

Senua's Saga: Hellblade II is still far from release, and these questions are just some players are hoping will be answered in the next title.

Until then, fans can only speculate, grasping at what little information Ninja Theory releases in bite-sized pieces from time to time.

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