Hellblade 2: What is the Next Story Senua Wishes to Tell?

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.

Players eagerly await news of Ninja Theory's follow-up to the award-winning Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, with not much to go on other than an initial teaser trailer and the latest A Saga in The Making video.

With glimpses of what is to come and a cryptic narration from Senua herself, it is still unclear the tale Hellblade 2 will tell.

Another Story to Tell

The original Hellblade took players through a journey in Senua's mind after discovering Northmen had destroyed her village and killer her lover, Dillion, while she was in a self-imposed exile.

Thinking of herself as cursed but actually suffering from psychosis, Senua is plagued by voices in her head, including Darkness she believes is at the core of her affliction.

Throughout the first game, Senua makes her way through a twisted world on her way to Helheim to collect Dillion's soul from Hela, with the "Furies" in her head her constant companion.

In the end, Senua accepts her loss, realizing Dillion cannot be brought back to her, and coming to understand that the Furies are not a curse but part of who she is.

As she walks off, he invites the players to join her as another story to tell.

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Preparing for War

The teaser trailer for Hellblade 2 dropped at The Game Awards in 2019.

Featuring music from Heilung, viewers were treated with visions of Senua preparing for some battle, with scenes of scouts encountering a stone giant, as well as footage of a victim being burned alive after undergoing a blood eagle, a ritualistic execution where one's ribs are separated from their spine, their lungs pulled through the opening to create a pair of "wings."

We see two different sides of Senua in this trailer, one free of marking and one fully painted for war.

The difference is staggering, and the cut between the two is jarring, taking first-time viewers by surprise.

The significance of this may symbolize an upcoming war in reality and a war brewing inside Senua's mind.

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What Lies Behind My Eyes

As one journey ends, another begins.

This time Senua promises to take players over the sea, through the land, and inside her dreams.

She provides a cryptic narrative in the latest teaser posted by Ninja Theory.

It hints that Senua may be headed after the Northmen, fully embracing her Furies to strike fear into her enemy, possibly through some kind of psychological warfare to shatter their resolve.

Scenes from both the initial teaser and the latest video seem to pull from Senua's reality and the version of the world she sees in her mind's eye.

The transition from her normal voice in her narrative to one of the more significant Furies in her head helps to further this theory.

Senua promises to show her foes what lies behind her eyes.

A new story is about to be forged, and Senua wants players to follow her through this story, just as they followed her through the first.

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