Hellblade 2: Behind the Scenes of Senua's Saga

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Fans of the first Hellblade are still waiting for more info regarding the release of the next title.

This behind the scenes look at Senua's Saga shows us how development is progressing through motion capture and in


Behind the Scenes

In this behind the scenes look we see Melina Juergen, actor for Senua, learning new fighting skills and techniques for motion capture.

This lets us see what it really takes to be a motion capture actor, and how difficult it can be to get realistic results. It's amazing to see the attention to detail and how much time goes into each precise movement to create realistic motion capture.

Everything you see in-game is a result of some sort of motion capture, meaning Melina had to learn each move thoroughly.


Although this process seems much longer than just animating the character, the end result gives the player a much more realistic experience, increasing the immersion exponentially.

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Check out the full video posted to Melina Juergen's Youtube channel below.


So, wen can you expect to get your hands on the next Hellblade title?

Release Date

Unfortunately, there is no confirmed release date for Hellblade 2 as of yet. Many thought the game would launch alongside the Xbox Series X but this was not the case.

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With a bit of luck, the game will release inside 2021, but with nothing confirmed it's hard to give a precise prediction.