Does Grounded Have Splitscreen Co-Op?

Part of the joy of Grounded is playing with friends and family, using your combined skill and intelligence to take on the dangerous insects and explore the garden safely. But you can do it without having to use different consoles? We’ll answer here: does Grounded have splitscreen co-op?

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Does Grounded Have Splitscreen Co-op?

No, Grounded does not have splitscreen options for those playing on the same screen, so those who want to do co-op will need separate consoles or computers to play together. It’s not been stated whether or not couch co-op will be added to the game in future updates, so while it’s possible, there’s no guarantees that it’ll happen.

How to Play With Friends in Grounded

To play with friends in Grounded, all players will need a copy of the game on either the PC or Xbox. Once you open the game, one player will need to do the following:

  • Select “Multiplayer” in the Main Menu
  • Select “Host Online Game”
  • Choose to start a new game or continue one you’ve begun
  • Other players can then join you by choosing “Join Online Game” and selecting you from their friends list
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How Many People Can Play Grounded?

Grounded hosts a maximum of four people in a single game server, though less can play and larger groups can always tag out, players leaving to make space for others.

If you’re starting a game of Grounded with friends, you’ll need to get some early knowledge to help your group survive and thrive! Find out how to craft a powerful upgraded axe here, or check out how to find essential berries for crafting leather here!

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