Batgirl Set Photos Show Michael Keaton in Batman Costume

After confirming his reprisal as the Caped Crusader in Batgirl, eager fans have now spotted Michael Keaton's Batman on set.

The first looks come to us from Batgirl Film News, who managed to shine a light on the actor's return. This scene takes place at night and the vintage Dark Knight is at the centre of the action.

Batgirl Set Photos Show Michael Keaton in Batman Costume

The 70-year-old star dons the suit once again, in what looks like an exact replica of Tim Burton's version.

Fans also spotted Keaton's hero having a discussion with J.K. Simmons' Commissioner Gordon. Simmons' return was recently showcased through several leaked production pictures.

The veteran star recently discussed his departure from the franchise after Batman Returns. 2022 marks nearly 30 years since the actor last donned the cowl, as he's set to make his reintroduction in The Flash. The DC romp also features Ben Affleck's final portrayal as the Caped Crusader.

But before we see these two figures, Robert Pattinson is bringing his own Batman to life very soon. Focusing on the detective aspect of Bruce Wayne, Matt Reeves will adapt the Dark Knight through a neo-noir and scary lens.

Leslie Grace in the Batgirl costume, which expresses a blue and gold colour scheme.
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In The Heights' Leslie Grace takes on Batgirl this time around, and that's due to release later this year on HBO Max.

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