Kevin Smith Wants an Old Batman to Return Like Michael Keaton

WARNING: Spider-Man No Way Home Spoilers

As in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Kevin Smith wants Christian Bale to appear in a Batman movie. The idea intrigues me, and I hope they do as well. Michael Keaton's return as Batman is another way to help an older generation relate to this new Batman.

Kevin Smith, the director of Clerks and an avid comic fan, suggested that Batman have a No Way Home moment, and I'm all for it.

Christian Bale Batman

Toby and Andrew were brought back by No Way Home, but they didn't say that one of them was Spider-Man. They said that all of them were Spider-Man. We can have more than one, it's okay, and it eliminated any dislike for Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man.

Many remember that many fans hated the Amazing Spider-Man because it came after Sam Raimi got screwed over by Sony. This didn't happen because the movie was bad, and people started saying, "Toby is Spider-Man, not Andrew," but in No Way Home, people saw that a new Spider-Man doesn't take away the old one. In fact, there's now a call for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to be made.

Christian Bale standing in front of his Batman Batsuit.
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Christian Bale's Dark Knight

Would you like everyone to stop hating on the new Batman/Batwoman? Bring them all together and prove it doesn't matter if you like every Batman. It's okay to have a favorite instead of a 'real Batman.' So what if there are many different people behind that mask. You got yours, let others have theirs.

In the words of Kevin Smith on Fatman Beyond:

"This Flash movie they're setting up with Michael Keaton being Batman, that will bring tears to my eyes. That is my Batman! I'm very emotionally tied to the 1989 Tim Burton Batman so them bringing him back to the universe, they're catering to older folks like myself."

Going further into the No Way Home aspect:

"If they want to do a No Way Home, though, they better bring in Christian Bale as well, though, If I'm them, I'm backing a money truck up to Christian Bale's just begging to get him for two minutes so we can have our own No Way Home."

Let me have my favorite, you can have yours, but all of them add to the Dark Knight mythos.

What do you think? Do you want to see Christian Bale return or do you think he should stay on DVD?

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